Buy 1 Ugly Crazy roboT a coffee


Welcome to my buy me a coffee page. If you like my work, on zED, the digital certificate scanner, or first Linux projects than please consider buying me a coffee/.... Thank you for your support!

So, I am Bruce, aka @cryptomoose and sometimes @1uglycrazyrobot.  As part of the 1 ugly crazy roboT team, I lead on the development of cybersecurity tools for the broader public sector to use for free. 

In November 2016 a Digital Certificate scanner, and more recently zED which is a tool for baselining email risk, are your emails encrypted in flight, and can you trust the responses you get (so is TLS used and is there correctly setup DMARC record)?

I have costs, not my time but the servers on AWS which is what your coffee, should you choose to buy me one will help with.