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Artist painting the (non) visionary. Symbolic animal art, wildlife art and pets. Author of two animal art books. HayHouse illustrator of two oracle card decks for Diana Cooper (2018 + 2020).

Fancy a coffee with a Unicorn, Fairy or dragon? Well, I'm none of those, but I sure love painting them. As lòts of animals & natures beauty. Buy me a coffee & I'll send some fairy-dust your way to bless you! *

Cathal bought a coffee.

My spirit animal is a puffin and your painting truly captured the essence of my spirit, it talked to me . Thank you 

Oh wow, so amazing to hear Cathal, thanks! ❤️ 

Sara W bought a coffee.

Say hi to the unicorns for me, and enjoy your coffee! 

HaHa! Thank you so much :-) Cheerz!