Hi everyone, welcome to my first post 👍 I’ll start with a little about myself - first and foremost I am a wife, mother, and Jubby (grandma).

I have loved all kinds of stationery for as long as I can remember, no idea why, but I just have!

Due to some pretty big changes I’ve made over the past 6 years, going from being employed, to then the need to homeschool my gorgeous youngest child, I was in a desperate need to do something constructive with my free time........ and here I am 😊

My passion is handcrafting one-of-a-kind journals to give people a unique way to document their stories.

I also have an active (albeit small) YouTube channel where I share flip through videos of my completed projects, I have also been doing some small tutorials for a digital designer showing her super cute projects.

I hope that my work inspires you to maybe take a leap into this craft, or perhaps you are just after some inspiration to add to your own work.

Thanks again for being here with me, I look forward to sharing many more projects with you.

Much love,

Nicole xx

Here are some photos of some of my creations. Enjoy!