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Hello, Welcome and Lets have a cup of Tea.... my name is Michelle and I am so grateful you are here! My dream is to create a mystical and healing community composed of nature loving, heart centered individuals, with every potential to transform ourselves and our Earth into the beautiful and peaceful beings we are! ᛟ

Mystic Michelle provides distance sessions for people no matter their place in the World (divination/meditation/reiki) & group Reiki circles for the people in the Provence of Alberta! ᛃ

'I manifested myself here at this time to gently raise vibration, helping humanity out of the 'dark ages' of duality and war, and into deeply connecting to themselves and others through their heart.'

Mystic Mermaid Wholistic's Guided Meditations & Readings are powerful journeys into consciousness gathering guidance and knowledge needed at this time. ᛜ

♫ Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again ♪