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It's my job tell stories that "Show The World What's Possible." On my website, books, column, TED Talk, for your company. Also, wife, mom, friend, crazy animal lover.

You're not actually buying me a coffee.

It's about supporting uplifting and positive news.

"Good news doesn't sell," naysayers have been telling me since I launched.

I know they're wrong.

You're here because you like these kind of stories just like I do.

They fill your heart, yes?

The truth about making this a business?

Support comes from a number of different avenues.

You can hire me to come speak to your group or company.

You can buy my latest book.

Or you can consider "buying me a coffee." That simply means spending a few bucks on uplifting and positive news that makes you feel good. Thank you for your support in sharing stories that "Show The World What's Possible!"

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