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I run, a dashboard tailored to tracking COVID-19 cases in northern NY

Local data in charts, maps and graphs updated every day. There's state-wide, USA and world data too, along with vital COVID-19 information. Some of the COVID-19 info is self created, and all 3rd party content is reviewed for accuracy.

While there's a variety of info on the dashboard, the focus has always been on northern NY.

Counties I follow:

  • Clinton
  • Essex
  • Franklin
  • Lewis
  • St. Lawrence
  • Warren
  • Jefferson

Daily NNY COVID-19 Newsletter

I have a free daily newsletter running since 3/26 that takes a closer look at trends and COVID relevant topics as it pertains to the north country. I do an analysis of the cases to look for trends at the regional and county levels.

Homemade Mask Research and Information

I've read several studies on masks and did a weighted analysis of homemade mask efficacy. I used this to create a mask info page and have updated an open source, interactive COVID-19 simulator that you can mess around with (seen in the video here).


When our first cases were coming in, getting good visual data for upstate NY was difficult. That's why I started tracking cases myself and writing the newsletter. I felt like our north country area was neglected so I wanted to focus on that. 

I'm a med student still in limbo waiting to start hospital rotations. I have a background in science outside of medical school having done graduate work in biochemistry and public health. That doesn't mean I'm an expert, but I do my best to make sure the info on nnycovid19 is as accurate as possible. There's too much misinformation out there as it is!