I want to thank you so much for your support & membership during this time in my life that I might very well look back on and see that I was on the verge of insanity, or possibly it will be looked as a creative genius at work. Maybe just a mid-life crisis of a woman in various stages of grief through the guise of liberation.

This creative outlet has been an escape for me when not dealing with the reality that I face. The time I put into this work does not warrant the amount of money that I receive from it. Of course I had hoped to continue and grow here so that I would have a sizeable audiance when I might eventually launch a book of this work. However that project feels far off right now. And I need to focus on other projects.

Of course if there are any of you who are aware of publishers (preferably female editors), please let me know.

It is necessary for me to shut down this page very soon. I do not understand well how you, my members, have submitted or logged in your re-occurring payments, if you can unsubscribe or cancel them on your side soon, that would be great.

Again Thank you.