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Hey there! The short version of my story is that I'm a pianist. The longer version is that I'm a specialist in historical keyboard instruments such as
fortepiano and harpsichord. I usually bring these instruments on the road with me in my minivan, but due to Covid-19 I've been giving "virtual concerts" at home. I miss the connection you feel with an audience, but it's also nice not to have to move a 250 pound instrument with my husband.

Why play these instruments and drive around with them? The composers you know and love who worked before circa 1870 all played instruments that are much different from the ones we know today. I also study the ways people in the 18th and early 19th centuries played music, which in many cases differs from what we were taught as well. I enjoy teaching audiences about these instruments and the people who played them. As I now do this from home, I'm inviting you to "buy me a coffee" so I can continue to do my work!
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Your concert on Music Mondays today was outstanding.  Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful music and the information about antique pianos!!

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Wonderful concert! It was great to hear the 2 of you play again! Hope all is well with you!