Hi Guys! I'm Lynn I'm a highschooler.

I try very hard to achieve my dreams since my parents don't care about me so I prepare for my college ... It would be really nice if you buy me a coffee once in a while I'll really appreciate it.

I'm currently contributing at VIKI, my account is https://www.viki.com/users/nalynn2020_178/overview

My dream is to be a programmer...My plan is not detailed but I'm working on it :

-I'll get my Bac with a high note (high school graduate)

-Apply for a scholarship in Korea (maybe at Incheon)

I don't know what will happen after that but I'll think about it when I got there, let's just focus on these two main goals ^^

By the time you will get to know me more and maybe we will be friends?

Anyway, I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP, and please share my account with your friends.

I tried this thig cause nobody's supporting me and I found this idea kinda great to have "SUPPORTERS" for your dreams.^^

Thank you...Love ya ^^