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A teen who is passionate about Japanese games, anime and making his own games.

Hey everyone! I have been working on my craft for 5 years now and had a website for nearly 2 years, where I review games and anime, as well talk about how I make my own games. I also have a portfolio of my 3D work as well. I am fully certain this is where my career lies.

Everything I do will be free for those who can't pay, and you are not required to pay anything at all.  But in order to create better content, I need your help. 

Those who support me monthly will get special packs with themed GFX banners, wallpapers for PC and Phones and a shout-out on each blog post on my site!

In advance, thank you for all the support!

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Get that damn SSD already!

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Thank you Reanne!

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Hey Nana would you be able to make me an Apex Legends x Rainbow Six Siege thumbnail for my twitch vod if you need more info just dm me on Twitter 

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Happy Blogiversary! I know this won't pay for your website but hopefully you can put it towards something you want :-)

Thanks so much Pix!


£18 of £60 goal reached!

SSD Fund