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Welcome friends,

To the space of the Unexpected.

I've never been one to limit MySelf, so this is a space where anything and, most definitely, everything goes.

I'm in a place in my life where I  am being called to explore the depths of my Inner Sea in a deeper way of sharing than The Gram allows.

This is a space where I can show up in my full hearts content, with no barriers.

Lately, I have been journeying through embodying The Master Teacher within me.  I believe it is the time to face my feelings of inadequacy, which only stem from others perceptions anyway.

I have always known my mission, my purpose in this life is to be Audasciously, Gracefully, my whole hearted Self.

Whoever that Self is.

In Be~ing so, and sharing so, I know that inspires others to Be the same.

I learnt about MySelf, I learnt to trust MySelf and I learned how to honour MySelf...all because I watched other women do the same.

I learn and I teach through the lense of experience.

My Experience.

If you want a space of Radical honesty, you have found it.

If you want a space of Story, you have found it.

If you want a space of Connection, you have found it.

If you want a space of Culture, you have found it.

If you want a space of Magic, then my friend, you are home.

The only thing we can be sure of in this world is change.

The only thing we each inherently have in common is our E~motions.

Through the lense of my own experience, I commit to sharing the ever changing landsacpe of my E~motional body, and the lessons I learn along the way.

This is me, Be~ing me.

Healing through feeling.

I hope that shows you that you are not alone.

~ Nattie x