I must warn you

This may be difficult to receive.

But the truth you will sea,

When you open to grieve.

I’ve had an excruciatingly hard

relationship with you,

Steeped in trauma

Because of your Boo’s.

As will




I know.

In some form or another

Because of how deeply you sow.

I Sea You Men,

So steeped in your pain.

Because of the matrix

That makes you vain.

What is true,

Is also that.


Must ensue...

If you are to teach your daughters,

Something A~ new.

That vanity sits proudly

on your ego bench,

Because you’ve been taught nothing more,

Than to expect a wench.

Expectations of The Mother

So fierce and so strong.

So silent, so still

It has its very own song.

You don’t even know

What lives inside you,

The Matrix and trauma...

The cause of your Woo’s.

The world is distorted,

By the hierarchy

Of the masculine energy

So bold and snarky.

You men think

Your masculine men,

Reclaiming your essence

Breaking out of your caged pen.

But what you are doing,

Which is matter of fact True.

Is denying the feminine,

The Krystic Blue.

Abuse and rape

It still continues,

Yet you don’t sea

Because your ego ensues.

Your better than the rest

Am I right in saying?

Because you take the lead

Of the children playing.

Your open to love,

But is that enough?

All spiritual and truth seeking

Which is frankly a pill of fluff.

Men, your not men

Nothing more than boys,

Parading around like

Macho toys.

Thinking your masculine

Because you sea the dark

Forgetting that polarity

Is THE false arc.

It’s a trap to keep you

In your ego.

Still abusing the feminine

With so much sow.

Under the tantra disguise,

An acceptable way

To keep the feminine,

Deep in your play.

As a family man

Who does everything for his children,

While diminishing the woman

To gave up everything to build them.

As a man in love

With a heart space to match,

Yet wearing the mask

Of your emotional mis~patch.

Men you Matter...

You matter So much.

We feminine need you

To put your foot on the clutch.

To change the gears.

And heal your fears.

Men, we need you

To break this cycle

To stop being

So suicidal

There is a massive misconception

About your Daddy trauma

While real and true

It is also your biggest Dogma

For your healing will not

be found there.

For that you need

To look in~side the Square.

That’s where you’ll find the circle of Truth

The Matrix overlays,

Of Sophia


The Wounded Feminine,

Plays out in men.

Much fiercer and wilder

In a all out project~ion.

The Moon will harness

And trap this Essence,

Of The light in you and

All her presence.

To keep you abusive

To the feminine all a go.

Without realisation

Because of your Ego.

To be a Masculine Man

Is an honour and support,

To the mother essence

In all of your

and her presence.

To not sea source

Past your ego,

Keeps you trapped in loops

Of emotional turmoil.

So subtle these threads are

Because I know,

You are sure your right

But eventually the truth comes,

Plain as sight

If you want to BE

A Masculine Man,

You must first

Go back to source,

To Mother....

With a curious thirst.

Unity and Polarity

Are not the same.

Yet That teaching

still remains.

Men oh please.

We need you to wake up,

To all of your abusive fluff.

To go inside your Wounded feminine,

It is there you will find The True Truth Stuff.

Unity exists

By transcending polarity,

Going In~to source

For its beauty

And over ~ flowing resource.

Men, we need you,

To break free of your chains.

Please stop the disguise

Of the obvious Vain’s.

~ Nattie Marie