Oh you grief,

Your a funny old thing

Sitting in silence

Waiting in the wing

Oh you grief,

Your vastly invested

In the secrets, in the shadows

Oh aren’t you tested

Oh you grief, 

How now I Sea

You running the theatre

The production of Me

You’ve taken me over

Unknown for years

So much silence 

In all of my tears

Oh you grief,

How is it only now I Sea

Just how much

You have enveloped me

Oh you grief,

Your a sneaky little thing

Hiding in secret

Awaiting to sing

Oh you grief,

I can now hear your song

And I Sea now

How I went wrong

Oh you grief,

I didn’t acknowledge you

I didn’t know how 

To be or do

Oh you grief

You’ve enveloped my being

It’s only now in this space

That I’m truly Sea~ing

Oh you grief,

You washed my innocence away

In The masculine it’s heavy

Oh how I need to find play

Oh you grief,

Of the masculine men

My whole life it feels

You trapped me in a pen

Oh you grief,

When I didn’t acknowledge you

I shattered and burned

All resemblance of true

Growing up without you,

I always knew we would be

Brought back together

Down by the Sea

What I didn’t know then

Was in Spirit it would Be

Too late for the physical

Hug under the tree

Your death shocked me

It’s only now that I Sea

That I never had space

To take it at my own pace

14years later

And now I can be

At peace with knowing

That I now can Sea

It wasn’t me.

Oh you grief,

How you enveloped me,

To be everything but

The truthful Sea.

Oh you grief,

When the masculine leaves me

It gives such space to sea

To grieve and be

All of my Daddies,

you all abused me

The first the physical

The second the sexual

The third the emotional

The truth

The fall

You all set me up

In my grief you can Sea

Because she always chose

You over me

Oh you grief,

I Sea you now

A deep dark performance

Don’t forget your bow