3 years of Healing

Deeply through feeling,

So that I could Be

Overlooking the Sea.

A lifetime of dark,

No sight of the arc.

Only in my mind,

You could find,

The arc of light.

That shone so bright.

Existing In the future~tense.

It didn’t make sense

To anyone around me,

The persistence of difference

That I found Mi~Self to Be.

Sitting here now

In the space that I’ve built,

I’m Feeling deeply

A level of guilt.

The release.

The purge.

I expected it not.

For a second there

I just forgot.

The process proceeding

The actionable lot.

Integration and Presence

I’m finally here

To the place that I’ve dreamed of

For many a year.

With An open canvas

Blank for creation,

Yet my body is calling me

To stay still~station.

For in the stillness in Presence

The Being With What Is

Opens portals of purging

It just is what it is

My nervous system is going through

A re~calibration...

Presence has come

Out of hibernation

It is a shock to my body

The stillness I feel

It’s an interesting observation

when my mind takes the wheel

Back to the patterns

Of chaos and theory

My mind can’t help

Be anything but weary

Trust in body

Has enveloped me

To create new patterns

Under grandmother tree

Connected to Earth

Straight back to source

With only Self ~ Me

And the Fairy Tree.

Overlooking the mountains

And the Ocean Sea

Facing true North

Learning to Be

The Divine Mother