I change my mind a lot.

A very much lot.

I always have done, one minute doing one thing... another the next.

Swapping between jobs and education and houses and towns and cities, never anchored into anything solid.

Until motherhood.

Until I anchored into something I had no way out of.


Pure, Raw, Messy AF ~ Self.

I still change my mind a lot.

A very much lot.

Now though, that change is in response to an anchoring With~In Mi body.

An anchor of trust.

Remembering body based living over mind based living is some fucking trip I tell ya... and one of the best gifts Motherhood has gifted me.

As it will you, if you allow it.

Because Mamma always knows....

She always knows in her body.

I still change my mind.

A very much lot.

But now, instead of running the old narrative that, I had running for far too long, “I was just an uncentred, had no idea what I was doing and forever changing my mind flaky young one” ~

I now Sea Mi~Self as coming home.

One mind change at a time.

One body Intuitive hit at a time of how it is deeeeply calling me In~To an integral relationship with it. How it is yearning for me to listen, to believe, to honour, to love.

To Be.



I change my mind a lot.

A very much lot.

Does freedom exist without the ability and judgement free allowance to do so?