Apr 02, 2022

Where I be 💫

Mar 09, 2022

The Healing Game

It’s not about healing! That’s the end productYou cannot bypass the process. For the journey is the most important bit. But not the cyclical loop.Ohhhhh I’m gonna go all in….Healing.The biggest PsyOp of our generation.I get it now.It’s not about Healing.!Oh the healing game, one I’ve played SO deeply.One game I’ve alloweeeeed to all consume me.A drive within me to learn learn learn.About myself so I could heal myself so my... more

Feb 20, 2022

Mother 🌬🍃

I took my ring off last week.It was something I had been sitting with for about 3 weeks, and one day I just took it off.Have you ever worn something consistently for years, to just simply remember?It’s so interesting to me that anytime I spoke about her, I would touch the ring.You can see me do it in my videos, the ring I played with was my mothers. And hers.I remember the day she gave it to me, I believe I was in my early 20's and was home for the day sitting in her little room in... more


Feb 17, 2022

Back to Forward 🌬🍃

Feb 14, 2022

You think you Know Love?

One thing in life I’ve never been short of is people telling me they love me.My mother made sure I Knew I was loved.She told me always.I truly believe, that she believed, telling me was enough. That the act of loving me would BE enough. How DID she love?All those people who made sure to TELL me they loved me, never asked me if I FELT loved. And if they did ask, they’d of probably got The Truth out of my mouth telling them, in some way, how they abused me.But then they never asked,... more

Feb 14, 2022

What is Love?

🥀🌬🍃🕊Like truly, what IS Love?Beyond the Disney Princess and Saviour Story we’re sold?Beyond the fairytale of ‘happily married ever after’?Beyond the ‘speaking’ of the Love Languages?Beyond the happy insta posts declaring your ‘love’ in all its shiny glory?Where IS the real Love?‘Do I even know what real love is?’Where is the story of your love?The realness?The pain, the shame, the guilt, the sorrow, the heartbreak, the trauma,... more

The Healing Game
Im Grieving
Dear Men,