As I learned about Masculine energy, I learnt it Penetrates.

That’s the teachings, right?

When the masculine is seen by the Feminine and steps into his power, when he finds the true essence in his life force energy...he then penetrates it outwards.

As if a gift of light for those around him.

Oh what a distortion of truth that teaching is.

And frankly, where our issues with the masculine lies.

When he penetrates you, he infiltrates you.

When he penetrates the world, he infiltrates the world.

Where is the balance in that?

Where is the structure in that?

Where is the safety in that?

Where is the light in that?

Where is the TRUTH in that?

Where is the BEING in that?

Isn’t the Masculine penetrating the Feminine a huge reason why we are IN this perpetual trauma matrix circle?

Isn’t the idea of the penetrating masculine an ego based concept based in the realms of The Wounded Feminine within that needs to control?

Isn’t the idea of the penetrating masculine a totallllll contradiction to Union?

Isn’t the Idea of the Penetrating Masculine the basis of our whole patriarchal and societal conditioning and construct.

Isn’t the idea of the Penetrating Masculine against the natural flow of truth… in that the Pussy is supposed to INVITE, as the Egg CHOOSES the sperm!?

Isn’t the idea of the Penetrating Masculine actually just Rape?

Yes, I said that.

The Dark Masculine

Why are we still engaging in this notion (through spirituality and healing), that when the masculine penetrates through the being of his darkness, he brings God light when all its TRULY doing is bringing distortion.



Abuse Loops.

For ThemSelves and the Women around them.

When, all it is doing, is trapping and shining the masculine ego loud and unbalanced proud, while pillaging and raping the feminine... infiltrating her being with a false dangerous projected truth.

While gaslighting true source light of the Feminine at every opportunity!

Where is the real truth?

Where is the true light?

Where is the fucking Rod?

Where is the fucking integrity to what it means to BE a safe masculine in this world?

Because the ‘embodiment’ of the dark masculine is rampant, both consciously and subconsciously! It is the conscious I’ve experienced as the most dangerous for the feminine. And their men Selves.

You can tell me how much you appreciate the dark masculine all you like, because I know

The Feminine who praises the Dark Masculine, is doing so through her own trauma response….

Read that line again.

You can think and believe the presence of the Dark Masculine is healthy, it’s open, it communicative, it breaks down walls and is open is natural is animalistic.

But my friends, it is not.

Because the fawning from the Feminine just becomes more Covert.

Do you know what Fawning is?

A trauma response.

Fawning over the Dark Masculine?

A re~leasing of sexual trauma.


But Dark Masculine Men, carry on as you are… as you will.

Because what does our sexual trauma mean to you?

If only a dollar bill!

#SorryNotSorry #DarkTruth