Like truly, what IS Love?

Beyond the Disney Princess and Saviour Story we’re sold?

Beyond the fairytale of ‘happily married ever after’?

Beyond the ‘speaking’ of the Love Languages?

Beyond the happy insta posts declaring your ‘love’ in all its shiny glory?

Where IS the real Love?

‘Do I even know what real love is?’

Where is the story of your love?

The realness?

The pain, the shame, the guilt, the sorrow, the heartbreak, the trauma, the patterns, the behaviour, the feelings alllll encompassed, the fragility, the god damn fucking Mess?

Your Lessons IN the Love.

For what love IS.

‘Do you even know what love is?’

Here’s the thing I’ve learned on my Merry go round IN love, about Love.

That we use it.

Expect it.

Demand it.

Need it.

Neeeeeeeed it!

And In doing so, we abuse it.

Then we pretend.

On repeat.

Merry and Merry go round.

I always thought to Love Is to Be Loved.

That Being loved meant I’m lovable.

That someone else’s intention of Love, defined the impact OF that Love.

That Love wins True, always.

It may be Naive, but I have always believed Love Is Enough.

And I still do…

Very much so.

But my exploration OF that belief lead me to question… what IS Love?

What KIND of Love is enough?

What is the essence of Love in it’s purity?

What is the Truth of love?

True Love?

What does that mean?

How does Love show itself to me?

How do I express love?

How do I feel love?

How do I SEE Love?

How do I SEA Love?

Have I ever Been love?

Have I ever been IN love?

True Love.

How do I reach FOR love?

How do I Re - Act Love?

How do Re - act pain True Love?

What IS the pain in True Love?

Why the pain in Love and Truth?

What IS the Truth Of Love?

Is Truth not Love?




How do others in my life love?

How do they show me love?

How do they feel their love?

What IS love?

What is True In Love?

How do I Be Love?




I could go on and on and on.

And I have.

For years and years on this Merry Merry oh how Merry go round.

Observing the experiences in front of me, of arriving at  The RealEyes Stations along the Merry go round of the E - motional Self.

In Love.

Each round trying to

Re - Member Mi CellPh.

Love, what IS love?

Fear, what is Fear?

What is The Truth of Love, beyond that Damn of Fear?

That blocks the E - Motion of Self….

What happens when I overflow that Damn?

When the Current of the CellPh has been Re - Membered enough to Flow True the Damn of Fear?

All on its own?

It crashes and the floods pour.




I have never flowed True before.

And it’s single handily the most Be - ing shattering energy I have ever experienced.

What is Love, if not The Truth?




To be continued…

~ Nattie x