Hello, everyone! My Minecraft railway, Nazca Railway has arrived on Buy Me a Coffee and this is my first post. When you are seeing this, Nazca Railway is a railway system in a fictional Minecraft world called Los Sengas which consists of over 30 lines and 300 stations. Main language is English and Traditional Chinese.

Metropolis Terminal (1st Station)

This does not end here, my railway project, which is my dream, is a forever on-going project for expanding the system, making the railway system more fruitful, as long there is dream. In Buy Me a Coffee, I don't only provide new updates of the rails, also will introduce all the stations built in the past to you, so you will be up-to-date by understanding the entire system. I will use "Station Intro" as the tags for the detailed station introduction for supporters, starts from number 1! Of course, if the station is expanded, I will update the post and notify everyone!

Pinestand Station (316th Station)

When I am kickstarting this page, Nazca Railway is at Season 3 Episode 13 Part 2 Chapter 10 development stage, building 341st station. 

Centopia (300th Station)

No matter if you are visitor or supporter, I am appreciated for your stay, and thank you for motivating me to fulfilling this forever on-going dream, I'll see you later!