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The official place for the OMSI DLC Project Point

OMSI DLC Project Point :)
Hoping to get this released by Christmas
The base pack will include:
Point 2 'Big' (for copyright reasons - Pointer 2 SLF 10.7)
Point 2 'Small' (for copyright reasons - Pointer 2 MPD 8.9)
Price: £10-£15
Two extra packs will be avaliable later on for a cheaper price of around £3 although the base will need to be purchased)
Point 2 'Double Door'
Point 2 'Double Door' Convert
Point 2 'Midi'
Point 1 'Big' (SLF Pointer 1)
Point 2 'Bonded' (First Spec)
Point 2 'XL' (SPD)
Profits will go to paying off my families debts and a small amount will be forwarded to a charity of my choice. Thank you
For all questions please contact:
<47>[email protected]