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Welcome to my page! 

My name is Krystal / Neon, a 29 y/o individual whose passion has always been art. I've been into traditional art for some years now, however, my style goes from anime, cartoonish to realism (kind of).

I studied veterinary medicine and I graduated in 2018. However, I always knew my dream was becoming a professional artist but my family was against the idea. Don't get me wrong, the career I studied for is very beautiful, but sometimes you know when you don't have certain skills nor the help from other advanced professionals to keep going. 

Not only have I not found a perfect place to show my veterinary knowledge due to the fact that the pay is miserable where I live, but I've had to take jobs that aren't related to my area to get some income, which of course, I never enjoyed it.

Right now I'm still looking for a way to get a job to make a decent living and in the process, I'm doing some art in hopes someone likes my content. 

I like to experiment with different mediums and I'm practicing with acrylic paint in realistic styles now, which has been fun so far! I want to try other mediums like gouache and oil paints, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, haha!

Every "star" helps me to keep going with this hobby in these difficult times. 

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