I know a few of you were worried about the disappearance of Hubert the conversational Latin speaking horse. Especially because he was last seen near a pet food factory. Whilst that turned out to be true, it was a vegan pet food factory where only vegans are used, not horse meat. Phew. And since that scare, Hubert has been with Shamus on the island of Ireland island teaching Shamus Latin whilst seeking out the best pints of Guinness stout.

On the left, it looks like Nasal Nigel is back sporting his very latest sticky green bus spotter flasher-mac, the old one being destroyed by the MOD due to it being a public health hazard. Our Nigel is a little upset, because Mother bought him a replacement one without that ‘special pocket’ incorporated which allows him to fiddle with his Triang Hornby Type 3 diesel loco unnoticed in public.