We have all struggled in the finance world in the past year. Some have lost their jobs, some have been floating in the skeletal workforce, meaning their shifts have lessened thus a decrease in their salaries, some have been put into a work-from-home set up wherein they are overworked by their bosses having them work from morning up to midnight, almost a daily 20 hour shift, using the reason that their employees are already at home so they can work all day long. Aren't you tired of having to put up with this? Don't you want to find a solution to it? Well, if so, that's why I created this brand, to teach all of you how to create more income streams without having to rely on your daily jobs. Create income streams from trading and investing in the stock market and crypto market, and create passive income from side hustles. These are the financial sources that I have learned ever since I lost my job at the start of the pandemic, which is why I call this New Normal Money because this is the new normal on how you can earn money aside from the traditional method of going to work, your daily 9 to 5 routine in an office working for someone. You can even go ahead and leave your jobs once you have successfully created enough income streams that equal or is more than your salary at your job.

But before we learn how to make more money, I want to teach you how to handle your money! You can't just say that you are financially stable and financially literal by amassing more money. That's how lottery winners lose it all. Because they get a big chunk of money, but end up spending that on things they don't need and overspending on things they need.

"Financial literacy is not a side effect of wealth. WEALTH is a side effect of financial literacy."

Here are some tips to help handle your money:

  1. Follow the 70-15-10-5 rule

    This means 70% should go to your expenses, 10% on debts you need to settle like your credit card balances or loans, 5% into your savings, and the remaining 15% into your investments. Usually others will advice you to invest only 5-10% of your income. But I choose differently, because this is the new normal. Trading and investing in the stock market and crypto market REALLY is the new skill that everyone needs to learn on how they can create more money. Put in a bigger capital into your investment, so that you can earn more when you gain in the shares you're holding. Some people say trading is gambling, but it's not! If it is, then let me say this:

"You're gambling your lives going to work in an office on a 10 hour shift, 5 days a week. You're gambling the time you could've been using to spend time with your family, settling on the same salary that you earn every month, being paid only once you go to work, rather than the quality of work you're doing."

  1. Make adjustments to your expenses

    • This means lessen your expenses. List down all your expenses, and see which ones you can remove from your lifestyle, or lessen the amount you are spending on those. For example, do you have a postpaid plan for your phones of 1900PHP (or 40USD) ? Now check, do you really need every bit of the benefits you get from the postpaid plan like the amount of data and amount of call time? If you aren't using all of it then lessen your required capacity. Contact your service provider, and if possible, request to lower your data capacity, and call time length, so that you can lower your expense on you postpaid plan. Even if it's a few bucks, it's still an adjustment!

    •Another thing you can do to lower your expenses is avoid overspending. For example, stop buying pairs of kicks (shoes) that you don't even need. Instead, save that money, and invest it into the stock market. Buy a share of the shoe's brand!

  1. If you can't buy it twice, your can't afford it

    This is one of my favorite tips on handling my money. I used to be spontaneous in buying things. For instance, I would buy a pair of signature shoes and just put that in my shoe rack to show off to visitors that I have those shoes (LOL). At the end of the month, I'm breakeven and desperately waiting for my next paycheck! So to avoid living like that, I always think to myself:

    "Can I buy this thing twice and still have money in my bank account without having to depend on my salary?"

  2. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your monthly expenses.

    Lastly, my favorite thing to do at the end of my day, before heading to bed, is I always spare 10-15 minutes of my time recording all my expenses on that day, and preparing for tomorrow. I also check if I have any outstanding balances in my debts and credit cards, and I check if I have a little more than usual in my savings because I'd use that to add to my investments in the stock market and crypto market.

    Here's my favorite monitoring tool that I used personally. I'm granting viewer access of my template. So just copy the file and paste it onto your excel app, or on your own google spreadsheet so that you can edit it to your liking. But the template and formulas are all there! Hope you enjoy using the spreadsheet and I hope you use it every day.

    Link to my spreadsheet template 👉🏼 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TIk-umhSkQN39tY_7mhFQxexNjFDXM9T1Lpsy33iEYU/edit?usp=sharing

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! And please do incorporate these into your lifestyle. A little adjustment in your daily lifestyle can have a drastic improvement in your future. If you guys like this, just buy me a cup of coffee (or more 😅☕️) and stay tuned for my upcoming tutorials on trading and investing in the stock market. Let's start earning new-normal money!