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I work as a cook, avoiding fire and knives, all the while working on my book series, Phoenix Element during my free time.

Because of COVID-19, I am furloughed from my employment. Currently, I am not work, and being in south Florida, I am stuck at home during this pandemic.  

Why I Need Coffee: I was raised in a trailer park with dreams of getting away. I managed to stay away from the strife of the streets that I walked. I turned to writing, and video games to keep me busy. Now that I am older, I want to make my craft better, and to do that I need help from an editor. I want to share the best version of my story with the world.

About Phoenix Element: Anya has discovered that she could use magic and she wasn't alone. In more ways than one. Attached to her soul was a Rayasha, a being from another plane of existence. A new comer, Kyle, knew more than he was letting on, especially a way to stop Ashima. Would he risk an innocent life just to keep the galaxy safe.

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you've sparked my interest! I'm curious to see what you can achieve.

Thank you very much! ❤️  

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Now, let’s see that cover!!

Thank you! ❤️ Did you like the cover.

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Cheers to making your dream a reality! Can't wait for my signed copy! ❤️ Mell & Papa 

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$114 of $300 goal reached!

To hire an editor