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Composer, musician, singer and all round good egg!

Gave up my full time job in the city and become a full time musician. 6 years later I'm still here! I teach guitar, write and perform music all over the world.
Benjamin Osborn
Benjamin Osborn bought 3 coffees.

I have ran a crazy gambit in my life where I was very active in hunting down cd’s to not a peep for years... through it all I have kept your podcast on my iphone (listening platform of choice.) Love your work. Thank you. Here is a coffee on me! 

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Keep doing what you love Nick! And thank you for helping others do what they love too!

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I, for one, listen regularly... have some coffees and keep on truckin' . 

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Hi Nick, Thanks a lot for the free CD and Tannzine - luv it! :)