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Over the course of a year of being a youtuber, I've worked very hard to provide a Live show experience for viewers. There have been a lot of ups and a few downs but I along with Coriander and Kylian are committed to keep enhancing the quality and variety of this channel. Tons of prep, research and hours go into every episode that you see. Any donation to support what we provide is truly appreciated and goes directly into supporting the monthly costs, schedule arrangements, tech equipment and time to better our product. I work a full time job in the challenging field of social services but if enough people supported this channel then it could be something I only do part time. We enjoy all the connections and friendships we've built and hope to keep increasing this positive community to the highest peaks it can reach. This is a family of movie lovers and like I always say in our vids... YOU ARE THE NIGHTWATCH :) Thank you for watching us and thank you for whatever you're comfortable with to pledge.