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Ninetysix is my all-round creative, visual and musical project. I’m 24-years old and I run this project all by myself! From writing songs, to producing, creating my own designs for merchandise and even directing and editing my own music videos! (Also ofcourse, doing my own taxes, what a pain haha) I started seriously making music back in 2016 in a small town in the Netherlands called Nootdorp. Not much happened in my tiny hometown and I’ve always had the dream of travelling, so I flew to the other side of the planet and travelled for a year through Australia. I’d lived as a street musician and this year had inspired me to persue my dreams of being a successful musician even more. Covid has made it very difficult for me to continue to persue a music career, since most of my income came from live gigs and selling merch there. But it definately won’t stop me! I’m always hussling in my crafty ways and if you would like to support me and my crazy wild dreams it would mean the world to me! Feel free to message me on any platform, I love to chat! Big thanks in advance


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