I AM 1 IN 10, I have been fighting for over 9 years with chronic pain all day everyday. Is this acceptable?

Please help me raise awareness for this life altering and extremely debilitating condition.

I am an Endometriosis Warrior.

Endometriosis is the name given to the condition where cells similar to the ones in the lining of the womb (uterus) are found elsewhere in the body.

Each month these cells react in the same way to those in the womb, building up and then breaking down and bleeding. Unlike the cells in the womb that leave the body as a period, this blood has no way to escape. 

It is a chronic and often debilitating condition that can cause painful or heavy periods. It may also lead to infertility, fatigue and bowel and bladder problems. Around 1.5 million women in the UK are currently living with the condition. Endometriosis can affect all women and girls of a childbearing age, regardless of race or ethnicity. The impact can also be felt for life.

Endometriosis can have a significant impact on a person's life in a number of ways, including:

  • Chronic pain

  • Fatigue/lack of energy

  • Depression/isolation

  • Problems with a couple’s sex life/relationships

  • An inability to conceive

  • Difficulty in fulfilling work and social commitments

Please help spread awareness.