Buy Miyutora (Nathalie) a frappucino


UPDATE: 2/19/21: Commissions are full at the moment. Juggling between launching my sticker/charm business and finding a full-time job to help fund expenses. You are welcome to donate and help support me at this time. Thanks so much for your patience everyone!!!

Hi! Im Miyu and I really wanna get better at digital art. Currently going through a friday night funkin + cel-shading phase atm. All drawings will be colored.

1+ Coffee = Chibi Drawing
2+ Coffees = 2 Chibi Drawings
3+ Coffees = 1 Headshot/Bust Drawing
5+ Coffees = 1 Half Body Drawing
10+ Coffees = 1 Full Body Drawing

Please be specific as possible with character requests and send me links of references for OCs, poses, etc. Thank you!!!