Follow and track people like you do with actors, athletes, etc. Instead of following a specific site, I like to follow the person who wrote the article.

Some quality sites: Stockcharts, Moodys, Whale wisdom, Seeking Alpha, OpenInsider, Sec.Gov

Twitter can be good with smaller companies


PDUFA dates - good for Biotech companies

Berkshire Hathaway, Scion Asset Management, Towle & Company, Abrams Capital Management, Perceptive Advisors, Oshaughnessy, Weitz, Hussman

From Roaring Kitty: Bumbershoot Holdings, Prati Management, Kingdom Capital, Magic Investments, Barel Karsan, Jeremy Raper, Jeremy Blum, Stephen Simpson, Carlton Getz, WYCO Researcher, Adam Levine-Weinberg

Need Price Points to Buy and Sell. Example is Starbucks and Apple. if you find the cheap points, can easily swing trade to make profit. Just like resistance lines with Bitcoin.

More advanced:

-WIlliams %R, RSI (usually for shorter term) when overbought-sell. When oversold, buy.

Options-Don't take profits so quickly on long calls, playing earnings is extra risky, buy calls on dips. Don't choose options with low volume otherwise will be difficult to get out

Projected growth vs Growth

VIX is a key sign of uncertainty in the market. High volatility can make bread