Sanatan Dharma has no boundaries !!

A seven-headed serpent (Naga) 

At the access to the great temple of Angkor Wat, Combodia, there are the statue of the puranas Naga, the seven-headed serpent represents power, water, and fertility, and the statue of the guardian lion.

The 7-headed Naga at the entrance of the Angkor Wat Temple. Built by the Hindu King Suryavarman II.

The Naga becomes a symbolic Rainbow Bridge for humanity to reach the abode of Gods.

A detailed Chakra in the middle of the naga, symbolising God vishnu's most powerful weapon.

Naga bridges served as the symbolic representation of the crossing from the world of man into the world of the Gods.

Jai Sanatan Dharma 🚩🕉️.

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