Someshwara Temple in Kolar is an architectural feast for the eyes and is a fine example of the Vijayanagara style of architecture.

The temple was originally built by the Cholas who ruled this region in the 11th century and was later expanded by the Vijayanagara Empire in 14th Century. 

The pillared ‘Mukha mantapa’ (the hall) of the temple instantly attracts the visitors’ attention as one enters the temple.

One of the main attraction of the temple is the ‘Kalyana Mandapa’ (marriage hall). The highly ornate four granite pillars has exquisite carvings.

Almost all the pillars and walls of this temple are highly ornate which will make you feel spend as much time as you want. 

Kolar was earlier known as ‘Kuvalalapura’ or as 'Kolahalapura’ and the famous Kolarama temple is just a walk away from Someshwara Temple.

Declared as a monument of national importance, this temple is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India in an excellent manner.

Kolar is located 65 km away from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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