I started collecting as far back as I remember. I started with rocks and dolls. It sounds like a weird combination but hear me out. I was always considered as a loner since I was younger. Yea I had friends and family but most of the time I always retreated into my own world. Anyways, as I grew older I started to collect things like any other kid. I grew up in the 90's and right there you can tell that back then we had really cool shit. Then it all took a turn when I became ten years old. My mom introduced me to an anime named Ranma 1/2. Ranma was and is the by far the greatest anime that graced my television screen. Yes there was DBZ, Tenchi Muyo! and Sailor Moon, but Ranma was something different. It kicked started for what was gonna the greatest journey into the world of anime, oddities, and horror. You are probably wondering how is that all tie in to the title that I made. Let's go down the rabbit hole....Like I said before I was a loner since I was younger I've always tried to fit in with my family and the people I came across in my life. I even dressed up as a dead cheerleader for Halloween once cause my older brother was a dead skateboarder. Let's see if we can get back on track. Anyways I was always fascinated by things that were considered out of the "norm". I remember watching a movie called "house on haunted hill", no not the original one with Vincent Price in it, which by the way the greatest!", the one that was updated in 1999. See the 90's was the shit!! That's how I got introduced to Marilyn Manson. I think Slipknot too. Anyways I am going off tangent again and that'll happen a lot. But it was also when I became interested in the dark side of things.

Back to the story at hand. When I was in high school and going through the teenage angst, I became more and more immersed into the world of what I call Nocturnal's Catacombs. I started studying things like anatomy, poetry, the Japanese culture, and different type of music. I even got into something else but that is a different topic for a different day. I would read as many books and watch many things as much as I could. You know when you are a teenager parents tend to control a lot of what you are gonna do. Not saying it's a bad thing....it's not. I started to do what I called " research". I always had a tendency of immersing myself into my favorite subjects. Even now I have my days when I would just lose myself into my collection and my studies. But it was also the moment I realized I was different from everyone else in my family. And that the things that society finds "bad and evil" is quite interesting and misunderstood. And for the longest time I struggled with that. I grew up in a religious household and among other things. For me at first it was an escape. And it was it was a way to cope around my surroundings. Yet it was something that helped me grow as a person and have a different perspective of things.

The day I moved out on my own was the day I realized I am able to bring my world to life. So ever since then I started to buy things that I loved and had an interested in. I started with anime figures and Halloween decorations. My biggest piece in my collection so far is my Cynthia. I bought Cynthia about maybe a year in living on my own. Cynthia is a prop from a prop studio. I don't know the name of the studio that I bought her from but she sure is the center of what my family and friends call "my museum". She is about 5'4 and has an antique look to her and one of her eyes is missing. Every time I invited someone over she would be the center of conversation. Cynthia is one of my prize pieces in my collection next to my anime collection. I have one more large prop in my home. It's a called "wolf in a box" and its in my living room but still sits in a box cause I have no room lol. After Cynthia I started to collect wet specimens and antique medical instruments. Then I started to collect rare books and different antiques. I even have an antique rotary phone. I also collect this from Japan like rare anime goods. If you can't tell already this is why my family and friends call my home a museum. In a way, all the stuff that I have a history and a special meaning to them and to me. Even when they are apart of the current times. Even after 7 years of collecting...I'm ready to set up a bigger space for them and expand my collection. And I want to share that with you.

I want to officially welcome you to Musée Nocturna’s...Where the dark, the creepy, and the light come together.....supporters can have access to the new stuff in my collection and what I have.