I am camping in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by majestic pine and rugged, snowy peaks. There are cold, snow-fed rivers and pristine, trout filled lakes. What a world to wake up to.

WHAT? WAIT! It's late June at 6:30 am and it's cold. Thirty eight degrees kind of cold. It's also cloudy, wet and muddy from the rain last night. Dang!

It would be so nice to stay under the covers for a few more hours but NOOOO, my 70 pound dog wants out!

Emma starts by pushing me with her paw. Then the face licking. She wants out. I pull the covers over my head. She starts jumping all over me. Her complaints get louder. BARK! BARK! I scrunch up in a ball to protect myself.

"OK OK OK!" I yell. I start putting my hiking boots on, layers for warmth and leash up Emma. Moments out of the car and I understand Emma's impatience. She has diariah. Oh my, that would have messed up my bedding.

I coo "Emma's a good girl for being a pain in the butt!"

Now for coffee. I just can't do it. Too cold. I drive to town.

A warning on my dash tells me a tire is low on air. Got coffee. Got air.

Back at camp I put out Emma's food and bed. Lawn chair ready and of course the rain starts. I run around and throw everything back in the car including the wet dog. Then the sleet starts.

(I repeated this whole "in and out exercise" four times and it's not even lunch).

There are days like this. Rainy, cold, wet days. Sick dog, muddy paw, sticky dog hair days. Questionable coffee, crumbly donut dust, leaky tire days.

These are the days I try to be extra kind to myself. I will dream about a Transit Van that I can stand up in. Maybe a white comfy interior, all bright inside for dreary days. I will have a simple way to make coffee, without needing to put my boots on. Oh, and how about a morning pastry truck that delivers to my door!!!

Ah yes, a pastry truck with freshly brewed coffee.... and some dog cookies........... and gallon jugs of water............... and a barrel tied to the back to put my trash..........

More sleet. Gotta go...........