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Chapter 11 - The Ex-Devotees and New Life.

Apr 09, 2022

"Decimo, wake up," Rias shook Decimo's shoulder, trying to wake him up.

Decimo opened his eyes; Rias's face appeared in front of his eyes, "Morning."

Rias bent down, kissing his lips, "Morning. We have a guest."

"Mm, is my presence important?" Decimo muttered with a lazy look on his face.

Rias caressed his cheeks, "Xenovia wants to become a Devil, but she wants to meet you first."

Decimo took a deep breath, staring at the white roof, "Bring her in."

Rias raised her eyebrows, "You want to meet her here?"



Xenovia entered the room; she bowed, "I am sorry if I disturbed you."

Decimo sat up on the bed, causing the blanket to fall, and his naked upper body appeared in Xenovia's eyes, "You want to become a Devil?"

Xenovia blushed, nodding in assurance, "Since God is dead, I plan on giving everything up and becoming the Devil."

Decimo took off the blanket, standing up as Xenovia stared at his naked body, "I wanted to ask you something."

Decimo walked, standing in front of Xenovia, "Ask?"

Xenovia stared into his eyes, "What are you? How can you recreate the original Excalibur without seeing it? How can you use a Sacred Gear that has so much holy element and can grant salvation when you are a Devil?"

Decimo raised her chin, "I see; it's fair that you are curious about that. But before we talk about that, there are two little ceremonies that we have to go through."

Decimo held her face between his hands, raising her chin and kissing her lips.  Xenovia raised her hands, but she couldn't move. He kissed her more passionately, his tongue invading her mouth, and slowly she couldn't help but kiss him back.

He moved his hand from her face to her neck and shoulders, slowly taking off her clothes.

"Is this what being a Devil means?" Xenovia asked, glancing down her naked body.

Decimo gazed into her eyes, "Yes, some corruption comes with it. But corruption is not the reason why you are here?"

Decimo's right hand turned into the white-gloved hand; he dragged it against her cheek, "This is what you are here for."

Xenovia closed her eyes; her body tightened, her thighs dripping with her juices, "Ahhh...No..."

Decimo rubbed her cheeks with his thumb, "Mmm, tell me the truth..."

Xenovia gulped, "Yes...Yes...I am here for be close to Lord."

Decimo pushed Xenovia towards the bed's edge, tearing her clothes. He put the fingers of his right hand in her pussy, "I wonder how you feel right now."

Xenovia's whole body squirmed, "Ahhhh!!! It!! It feelll!!!! Indescribable!!!" Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The more Decimo fingered, the crazier Xenovia seemed to be going. She squirted, begging, "Please! Please! Stop!!"

Xenovia's moans and groans turned into screams; her whole body shook. Shortly, she stopped moving but didn't stop cumming. Her body kept trembling, convulsing, and Decimo raised his hand, shaking off Xenovia's juices.

Suddenly, the room's door was shoved open; Rias walked in with a worried look on her face, "Everything ok?"

Decimo glanced back and smiled, "Well, I tried something new. I didn't think it would work so well."

He looked at Xenovia, "Turn her; I like her...I think."

A few days later,

Decimo was lying on the sofa, watching the roof. With the things that recently happened, Decimo had a feeling that something was going to happen. It made him wonder how the three parties would react.

But that was also the problem; with how much he revealed about his Sacred Gear, the salvation thing was already the problem, let alone the name. But more than that, it was the ability to use the Sacred Gear of others, even a better version of themselves. Like Rias's and Kiba's. Let alone there was Issei's.

He had neither interest nor motivation, but more than that, it didn't matter to him if he was pulled in.

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Just the person I don't want to meet."

The door opened, and everyone from the peerage walked in; and behind them was a young man with similar hair to Rias and Grayfia.

Decimo sat up on the sofa, turning towards Grayfia and Devil King, "You must be the Devil King."

Sirzechs walked in, smiling, "Yes, you must be my little sister's lover."

Decimo rubbed his head, "I cannot love; I do not have that feeling."

Sirzechs frowned, "Oh, why's that?"

"You are the Devil King; with all the information you have, don't you already have a guess?" Decimo said, rubbing the back of his head.

Rias was particularly nervous right now. But everything seemed to be going fine.

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes, "Is it related to the fact that you wield two Sacred Gears?"

Decimo moved his hands; he was about to clap them. But Decimo stopped, "I was going to say you are right, but then that would be a lie."

Sirzechs smiled, "Is that so, and what would be the truth?"

Decimo leaned against the couch, "I don't know what the truth is. I just know, one day, I didn't have them anymore."

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes, "then it could be because of the two sacred gears?"

"Mmm, could be." Decimo gazed up and smiled.

Sirzechs shook his head, "I came here to thank you for caring for my sister and protecting her."

Decimo stood up, "If that's all, I'll be leaving."

Grayfia appeared in front of Decimo, "You are being rude to the Devil King."

Decimo gazed at Grayfia, letting out a sigh; multiple scenarios ran in his mind. He walked back, sitting down in front of Sirzechs, while Rias spoke, "Brother!"

Sirzechs smiled, "I am sorry for treating you like this; I just had one more question. Why chose to become a Devil?"

"Because of this," Decimo's right hand crystalized, "This apocalyptic virus ears away at my life-force. But now, I have an infinite amount of it."

Sirzechs leaned back, "I see; I do apologize for this. I couldn't find anything about you; I got worried."

Decimo shook his head, "I told you, I don't feel this thing. Although I do feel annoyed, I'd rather be sleeping peacefully."

Sirzechs smiled, "Don't let me keep you!"

Decimo lay down on the couch, without leaving the room, keeping a pillow on his face, "Ok."

"Here?" Sirzechs scratched his cheek, laughing.

"Why not?"


Decimo was resting on his bed when Akeno entered the room. She walked over, lying down beside him, rubbing his chest, "You ok?"

"Yeah...I think."

A magic circle appeared on them; it passed by them, taking away their clothes. Akeno rubbed her head on his chest as she looked towards his chin, "So you can't feel anything?"

Decimos stared at the roof, "It's not like I don't feel anything. It's more like; I don't feel enough to matter."

Akeno kissed his chest, licking his nipple, making him groan, "You feel this."

"Emotions are just body reactions activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by brains, so I have. What I don't have is a way to relate to them. My bodily responses are alien to me, so I chase after lust. Most prominent feeling that humans feel and jealousy…the one I believe will allow me to connect back to my emotions. Or I hope."

Akeno curled her lips, dragging her tongue against his body, "But you are a devil."

"There is little difference between Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels. It's all about the blood that allows them to use power. Take that away; they are no different than humans."

Akeno nibbled on his lips, "Is that how you see them?"

Decimo didn't say anything, just stared into her eyes. Akeno bent down, kissing his neck, licking it, nibbling on it. She moved her nails across his body, sensually humping her hips against his, rubbing her toe over his shin.

She raised her body, straddling him before moving her hand down, holding his dick to rub her pussy against it. She bent forward, holding his face between her hands, kissing his lips, sucking on them while moving her body to and fro.

Her tongue went inside his mouth, tanging with his tongue, pulling it out. She sucked on it; she kissed him for as long as possible.

Just kissing was enough to get her; she felt the dick against her. She couldn't do it, she wanted it inside her, but she had to take it slow.

While catching her breath, she put her forehead over Decimo's, staring into his eyes, "Did that make you feel something?"

Decimo patted her head, lying, "Yeah, a desire to ravage break make you mine...make you fall deeper until your body and mind belong to me."

Akeno kissed him more passionately, "Listening to that just turns me on!"

Decimo held her head, starting to kiss her back. He rolled over on the bed, kissing her neck, moving further down, kissing her breasts, and kissing her stomach; his hands traced her thick thighs.

Decimo rubbed his lips against them, kissing them, before moving to her inner thigh.

All along, enjoying the moans echoed in the room as his tongue reached inside her, tasting her, "This is your taste..."

Akeno blushed, pushing away his head, "Don't say embarrassing things!"

"Does it embarrass you? If I tell you that I like the warmth inside, I like how you taste? I like how wet you are?"

Akeno turned her face as if trying to hide it, covered in red blush. She tried to close her legs, but Decimo held her thighs, eating her.

He sucked on her clit, licking it, before moving down, pushing the tongue in her.

"You know, I found a new way of breaking a woman..."

Akeno raised her back, staring at the roof, "Are you gonna break me?"

"You want to be broken, don't you? Forget about the past?" Decimo whispered, his lips reaching her ears, "Don't you?"

Akeno glanced at him, "What do you know?"

Decimo kissed her lips gently, "Nothing but your desire - I can feel your desire to forget. To become numb, not feel, be me."

Akeno held his collar, jerking him close, kissing him madly, "Then do it, break me."

Decimo closed his eyes, his left hand turned into a black claw, rubbing past her arm, touching her waist.

Akeno twitched, curling her knees and spreading her legs, and he pushed the single finger of the long claw inside her pussy.

Akeno jerked up, howling,"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As Decimo moved his finger in and out of her and her screams turned into howls, the length, the sense of danger, and the corruption felt divine inside her.

Her body shook as she climaxed; her eyes rolled behind her head in minutes.

When Decimo removed the claw, her body still spasmed, a hazy smile appeared on Akeno's face, "Yes...break me..."

Decimo held her thighs, inserting his cock in her. He pushed it deeply in her making her squirm, "Decimo...too much..."

Akeno tried to push him back, push his cock out. But Decimo held on to her waist, pulling out and thrusting as hard as possible.

Her whole body shook, and Akeno let out a garbled voice came out her mouth.

As Decimo thrust more and more, she squirmed, her back arched, saying garbled words rather than moaning.

He put the tip of the claw near her mouth, which she hungrily licked. Her body seemed like it couldn't take it anymore.

Her devil wings came out on her own; her body wouldn't stop shaking, and her tongue wouldn't stop moving.

A few hours later,

Decimo was sitting at the edge of the bed with Akeno lying on the ground beneath his feet. Her eyes were open, staring in the distance.

Decimo poked her cheek with his toe, "You awake?"

But he didn't get any response; it would take time before she came to her senses.

Decimo stared at her until the door opened; his eyes looked up at the girl that entered, "Decimo-Senpai..."

She walked in, closing the door behind her; her eyes stared at Akeno, "what did you do to Akeno-Senpai?"

She walked near, sitting beside Akeno, touching her body covered in sweat and cum.

Decimo gazed at her, "Why are you here?"

Koneko looked up in his eyes, "Rias-Senpai asked me to tell you that the Devil King will be staying the night. Also, something big would happen, and our school is the location chosen by the Devil King."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Thank you for telling me."

Koneko glanced down, blushing as she looked at her hand covered in cum, "Um,"

Decimo tilted his head, "Lick your hands clean."

Koneko looked down with a blushing face; she glanced up at Decimo's eyes - before standing up, "No!"

She rushed out of the room, leaving Decimo with narrowed eyes and a smile on his face.

In the morning,

Akeno was sleeping with her body wrapped around Decimo with a blanket that reached their waist.

Decimo opened his eyes when he heard the sound of the door opening.

"Rias..." Decimo said, stroking Akeno's head. He raised his body, sitting up on the bed, putting Akeno's head on his lap.

Rias jumped on the bed, crawling close, kissing his lips, "Mmm, good morning."

Just as Rias kissed his lips, neck, and cheek, the door opened again.

"I knew it!" Asia rushed in, putting her hands on her mouth, "Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai are hogging Lord again."

Rias glanced back at Asia, "I think you hog him the most."

Asia's face turned red, "That's not true."

Decimo gazed at Asia, "Hmm, it seems I have a mood." He said, whispering something in Rias's ear.

Rias kissed his neck, "You are in a mood. That's a good sign?"

"Yeah, having moods is a good sign," Decimo said, changing the tone of his voice.

Rias stood up, walked out of the room, and Asia jumped on the bed, kissing his abs, "Lord...I want to do something for you..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Don't worry, I have something I want to be done to you."

Asia's body shivered when she heard that, "Lord..." She said, glancing up. Her eyes were shivering when the door opened.

She shivered when she heard Kiba's voice, "Good morning."

Decimo looked at Kiba with a calm smile, and Issei walked in with a grin.

Decimo patted Asia's head, looking at them, "You know what to do?"

Kiba smiled, getting up on the bed, politely pulling Asia away from Decimo.

He wrapped his hand around her waist, keeping her in place. While Issei climbed up on the bed in front of Asia, "Asia, I can finally touch you!"

He smiled, wriggling his fingers, squeezing both her breasts harshly at the same time.

Asia raised her face, moaning in pain. She glanced towards Decimo, asking for help, seeing Rias lean on him.

Rias whispered in Decimo's ear, "Is this what you wanted to see?"

Decimo didn't move his eyes, "Yes,"

Rias kissed his cheek, "Today is our day to clean the pool; how about we continue this there?"

"Sure, that might be more interesting."

Hours later, In Kuoh Academy,

After cleaning the swimming pool, they filled it with clean water. Decimo was floating on top of the water, looking at the skimpy swimsuits that they were wearing.

Decimo swam to the edge, got out of the pool, and sat down. While he was sitting down, he felt something against his leg.

Decimo glanced down, looking at Koneko rub her head against his thighs with a peaceful expression.

Decimo watched her, "I didn't think you would like the water."

Koneko glanced up, talking in her monotonous smile, "Why would senpai think that?"

Decimo said nothing, stroking her head. He glanced back, watching Asia come out in a school swimsuit.

She put her hands behind her back, bending forward, "Lord, how does it look?" She asked with a blushing smile on her face.

Decimo glinted in his eyes, "Yeah, perfect." He gestured for her to come closer, causing her to sit beside him.

Decimo kissed her neck, and a white glove appeared on his right hand, moving across her thigh.

Asia moaned; he kissed her lips, watching his eyes as she got turned on.

Two shadows covered Asia, making her draw closer to Decimo. She glanced back, looking at Kiba putting down a mat behind them.

She bit her lips, holding Decimo more tightly.

Decimo kissed her ears, "Go, get on your hands and knees."

Asia looked down in the water but stood up, getting on her hands and knees, watching Decimo.

Decimo looked towards Kiba and nodded, who untied the tied-up Issei.

Issei raised his hands in the air, "Finally!!! Asia! I am coming!!!"

Decimo shook his head; Issei had to be tied because he was too excited. While Decimo was sitting at the edge, two large pairs of breasts hit his legs.

Akeno and Rias said, gazing at Asia, "Oh, I can't wait to see this."

Xenovia was right behind them, "Will I be treated the same way?"

Decimo curled his lips with a smile, looking toward Asia. Kiba was behind her, moving her swimsuit away. He had just put the lotion in her asshole while Issei was in front of her.

Asia pulled down the swimming trunks that Issei was wearing, licking on his dick. As she spoke, her eyes were on Decimo, "If this is what the Lord wants..."

Akeno chuckled, "Our innocent Asia plans to give you a show."

Decimo observed Asia, "That makes me proud of her."

Asia held Issei's dick, sucking harder and harder. But suddenly, her body jerked; she pulled the cock out of her mouth, moaning, "Ahhh!! Kiba-senpai!!!"

Kiba put his hand on her butt cheeks while Issei held her head, putting his cock in her.

While Kiba thrust from behind, Issei thrust from the front, making Asia gag.

Asia looked towards Decimo as her mouth got fucked hard and her asshole ravished by Kiba.

It didn't take long before Issei came into her mouth, covering her face with cum.

Kiba smiled, "You have dragons vitality." He pulled Asia up by her hair, "Why don't you take the other one?"

Issei put his hand on Asia's thigh, shoving his dick inside Asia.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Her moans turned into a short scream; her mouth opened, her tongue out of her mouth. Her moans got louder when Kiba and Issei fucked her in sync.

Decimo glanced down at Akeno, Rias, and Xenovia, watching Asia in a daze, "Ah, she seems so happy right now." Xenovia spoke.

Kiba closed his eyes, groaning with his back, "Cumming!"

Issie started moving harder, "So am I!!!"

They pulled out; Asia fell on the mat with her eyes in a haze.

Decimo looked down at Akeno and Rias, "Clean her up."

Akeno blinked, licking her lips, "How?"

"How do bitches clean things?" Akeno raised her body, crawling next to Asia, kissing her mouth, licking the cum inside it.

Decimo glanced at Rias, who wasn't moving, "Do I need to tell you again?"

Rias snapped out of some daze, taking hot breaths, "No..."

Decimo smiled, watching Rias crawl to Asia. She bent down in front of Asia, licking her pussy lightly. Akeno pushed Asia's body, raising Asia's ass, pushing Asia's pussy on Rias's face. Akeno pushed her tongue inside Asia's ass, licking the cum around and inside it.

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