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Chapter 12 - The Infinite Dragon and Silence

Apr 09, 2022

Decimo and others from the peerage appeared in front of the school gate. Everyone was other than Kiba and Xenovia, who had already come here to protect Issei from the suddenly visiting guest.

Rias frowned, "Kiba, Xenovia, put down the swords."

She looked toward Vali, "What are you doing here, White Dragon Emperor!"

"Recognising a worthy opponent and recognizing the power gap is proof of strength. But those who had a hard time against worm-like Kokabiel are hardly fit to face me. I didn't come to fight today; Azazel is in Japan. I am just passing some time."

Vali waved his hand, uninterested in them, turning his eyes towards Issei with a bit of interest.

"Issei, do you know how you rank against the powers in this world?"

Issei frowned, "What are you saying?"

"I rank you from somewhere in ten thousand based on your stats. Even Sirzechss Lucifer isn't in the top ten. But we all know who the number one is; that is not changing."

He turned to walk away but glanced back at Rias, "Issei Hyoudou is a valuable player. Raise him right, Rias Gremory. But then, no one close to Red Dragon Emperor had an easy life; I wonder how you will fare."

Rias gazed at him with cold eyes, sighing in relief only when he left her sight.

Decimo glanced toward Issei, "Well, it seems that we have to train you better, or that guy will become annoying."

"Please do!" Issei spoke with zeal, standing at attention in front of him.

"Others too," Rias gazed at others, "Everyone will train."

The next day,

After the parent visiting day, Rias was sulking on Decimo's bed about the footage taken. At the same time, Decimo was sitting on the floor with his back against the bed.

Decimo gazed at the videos in his hand, recorded by Rias's parents, "They seem nice."

Rias took away the phone, "Don't watch those; how did you even get them!"

"I asked your brother; he was happy to give me."

Rias started deleting the videos, making Decimo lean his head back, glancing at her, "I will just ask him for it again."

Rias puffed her face, "I hate you."

"Mmhm," Decimo said, closing his eyes. Rias curled her lips, dragging her body near his face. She held his face between her hands, kissing his lips. She put her tongue inside his mouth when a voice shocked her.

"We came at the wrong time?"

"Big Brother! Grayfia!" Rias raised her body in shock, looking towards the gate with a red face.

Sirzechs had a severe look, "If I haven't come at the wrong time. I'd like to talk about your other bishop."

Decimo raised his eyes with a new interest in his eyes. "A new bishop? That guy?"


Decimo found himself standing in front of a pretty little boy wearing a girl's school dress, "You can stop time."

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk, how can you move?"

Decimo glanced around at everyone, "Neat trick..." Decimo moved his finger, stopping time for a little longer than the boy could.

It would be better to talk to the boy a bit longer. He sat down on the sofa in the room, looking at the boy, "Say, what is your name?"

The boy shivered, unable to move; even though he stopped using his power, the others wouldn't move, "Gasper...Gasper Vladi."

"You are a vampire?"

" just a half..." He said with a downcast face.

"I know that you don't like being surrounded by people?" Decimo asked, looking at the frozen peerage.

Gasper shook his head, "No! I like to stay in the room."

Decimo glanced out of the window, "Mmm, So do I. It's peaceful, without the lights. I can peacefully read my novels."

Gasper stopped moving toward the box, "Yes! And I can work and play and no one to disturb me!"

Decimo glanced toward Rias, "Are you grateful to her?"

Gasper glanced toward Rias and nodded, "Yes! Very much!"

"Then try and walk outside, among people. She needs you, now more than ever." He said.

"I don't know...I don't know if I can do it." Gasper said with a shy face.

Decimo appeared before him, patting his head, "Don't worry, I know you can do it."

Gasper twitched and ran inside the box, hiding. Decimo let the time move again, causing Issei, Asia, and Xenovia to shout in surprise, blankly looking around; only Rias, Akeno, and Kiba knew what had happened. They weren't even surprised by the fact that Decimo could move.

A few days later,

Decimo, Rias, and Akeno looked out of the window, watching Gasper wearing something on his head and practicing with others.

"Issei did a good job bringing Gasper out of his shell," Decimo said.

Rias smiled, "That he did; maybe he deserves a reward for that."

Akeno chuckled, "He's about to get it; he has been called for a meeting."

Decimo glanced at her, "Mind if I come? I want to meet the third-party leader before the tri-party meeting. I have met the other two."

Akeno held his hand with a smile, "I am sure Michael would love to have you."

"No, I'll stay at a distance."

That afternoon,

Decimo watched Michael from a distance once he was done talking to Issei. Michael appeared beside him, "You could have come with them?"

Decimo didn't look at the archangel standing beside him, "I don't like a long conversation."

Michael smiled, "I understand that; if you don't mind me asking?"

Decimo didn't change his expression, "Me..."

Michael took a deep breath, "Can I help?"

Decimo glanced up at him, staring into his smiling eyes, "I doubt..."

Decimo stood up, teleporting to the shine where Akeno and Issei were.

Michael looked at his back, "Such a mystery...The Crown of God…and that boy."

It was the day of the Great Power Conference in a few days.

Decimo walked into the conference room with Rias, Akeno, and Issei. Inside were people that Decimo had been familiar with or had met before.

Azazel, Michael, Sirzechs, and Leviathan Serafall sat around a table. With Vali, Grayfia, Sona Sitri, and an angel as their guards.

Shortly, the peerage was seated and observed the conference in silence.

Even Issei talks with Michael about letting Asia and Xenovia pray again.

They decided at peace. But suddenly, the time stopped.

Decimo looked at the whole peerage, stopped in time. He stood up, sighing, "There seems to be a security breach."

He walked towards the window, looking at all the magicians outside the window.

Azazel leaned back, "Maybe someone doesn't like our idea of peace."

"Why don't you continue the conference; I'll deal with our guests," Decimo said.

Sirzechs frowned, "You don't have to; too many of them."

"Too many?" Decimo looked towards the landscape, uninterested, "As if that matters now."

He raised his palm, creating a single void crystal, and it floated, cutting through time, falling on the land, and the whole ground started crystalizing. Large crystalized pillars with sharp fronts started rising out of the ground, piercing through the magicians, crystalizing their bodies. The crystals covered everything in sight, spreading throughout the academy, and abruptly the time started flowing again.

"Gasper! Decimo, Gasper, he?!"

"He's fine," Decimo announced, and with his announcement, a wall broke, revealing Gasper and Koneko sitting on 20 to 30 feet tall humanoid made out of crystals, walking towards them.

"Oh," Rias let out a breath of relief, "Since when can you?"

"Since the Crown Clown evolved? Your power allowed me to keep it within limits and better control. So I can use it more freely," Decimo clenched his fist, and the void crystals all but disappearedEvenen; the humanoid disappeared after dropping Gasper and Koneko, who both ran into Rias's arms, hugging her, but Gasper only did it to hide while Koneko apologized.

Decimo patted Gasper's head, "You ok?"

Gasper cried, "I am sorry!!"

"Gasper!" Rias spoke in a worried tone, hugging the boy.

Decimo glanced at her, "He's fine, a bit scared."

Suddenly, a magic circle appeared on the ground. A woman emerged from it, "Greeting, Current Devil King Sirzechs, Katerea Leviathan."

Azazel narrowed his eyes, stealing glances towards Decimo, "You are with Chaos Brigade?"

Katerea smiled, "The majority of us Devil King's descendants decided to cooperate with Ophis and Chaos Brigade. As the symbol of power, Ophis is perfectly suited to bring different power together. Ophis will destroy the world and create a new one. We will be the ones to rule the world."

Before anyone else could speak, Decimo let out a sigh, "Such a drag. Do you know if you destroy the world, I would have no novels to read? And you people don't look like you have much creativity. I don't even want to imagine what kind of crappy world you will build."

"Who are you, Kid! How dare you insult me?!"

Decimo glanced at Sirzechs and the others, "Do you need her alive?"

Sirzechs looked at him and sighed, "If she has chosen to be Chaos Brigade, then no."

Decimo raised his left hand, making a cross in the air. The cross became bigger, crashing into Katerea.

Before she even had a chance to speak. Her body was covered with a warm light before it shook. Suddenly, she screamed, falling to the floor.

Decimo walked to her, "I always wondered what that would do to a devil or fallen beings."

Katerea stared at him with wide eyes, "What are you talking about? What did you do to me?!"

Azazel appeared before her, raising her chin, "Amazing, you are human?"

Decimo waved his hand, bringing a chair to him, sitting down beside Katerea, "Mmm, I find it hard to believe that salvation for Devil is turning them, humans?"

Azazel held Decimo's left arm up, watching the cross, "Mh-hm, this does feel like it would bring salvation. But why would it turn her into a human; this sacred gear is so interesting. Would you let me study it?"

Decimo could see Azazel's eyes shining while Sirzechs appeared behind Decimo, putting his hand on Decimo's shoulder, "Leave him alone, Azazel!"

Michael appeared beside Katerea, "W should we do with her then?"

Katerea sat there without being able to say anything because of the pressure coming from these beings.

Decimo watched her closely, creating a void he needed for this situation, even though he logically knew he shouldn't. But if he wanted to stay true to what he was, then this is what he had to do.

He turned the bookmark that burned with green fire into Tsuba, which pierced through Katerea.

Suddenly, Katerea smiled as she stepped back, "I have my powers back!" She brought her wings out, "I am still a Devil!"

"You are a descendant of the original Devil King. Out of respect, I'll give you the honor to die while you are still a Devil."

Serafall walked over, "Thank you for that."

Azazel stepped out, "Let me take care of it; there is something I want to test too."

He attacked Katarea, breaking the space barrier and taking her out of the room before anyone could object.

Decimo glanced towards their fight, walking away from it. He reached Rias, Gasper, Issei, Akeno, and others, "How are you doing?"

Rias gazed out of the window, "We should go help?"

Decimo shook his head, "Let Azazel take care of it..."

Rias held his hand while Gasper was stuck to his leg. Kiba smiled weakly, "I hope this is over soon."

Decimo glanced at Azazel's armor, "Artificial Sacred Gear..."

Michael smiled, "You have a view on that?"

Decimo gazed outside, "Yeah...the research might help me understand my Sacred Gear better."

Sirzechs nodded, "But you won't get it for free; what do you expect to exchange?"

Decimo glanced at Sirzechs, "I'll think of something?"

While they talked about it, Azazel killed Katerea, but she took away his hand before dying.

Rias took Decimo's hand, running towards Azazel, while others followed.

When they were about to reach him, there was a white light, someone stationed himself behind Azazel.

Azazel didn't even have to turn back as he spoke, "Betraying me at a time like this? Vali?!"

"That's right, Azazel."

Azazel rubbed the back of his neck, "Guess I have lost my edge. But why betray me?"

"Sorry, Azazel, these guys are more fun."

"So the great Vanishing Dragon is submitting to Ophis?"

"Nah, just cooperating. Ophis asked me to fight against Asgard; I thought it would be a good way to test my power." Vali spoke.

Azazel grimaced, "I told you to get stronger, but I also said not to contribute to Earth Destruction."

"That so, when Katerea said others joined Chaos Brigade, I had a sneaking suspicion."

Rias looked shocked, thinking about the possibility that ran through her head, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Vali flapped his wing, "I bear the blood of previous Lucifer; My name is Vali Lucifer."

"Decimo, please take care of this?" Rias requested since they were assigned with the security, even though that was just a farce, she still wanted to keep up appearances.

Azazel let out a sigh, "Sorry."

Vali appeared beside Decimo, kicking him. Decimo's body shot in the distance, breaking into a building.

"Decimo!" Rias shouted in worry, but Azazel held her back. He looked toward Vali, "Sneak attack?"

Vali scoffed, "I wouldn't give him the chance to use his trick." As he looked towards the broken building, a voice behind him said, "Don't worry, since you want a fight. I'll give you one."

Vali jumped away, turning back and looking at Decimo wearing Crown Clown's upgraded version, with a touch of crystals and the Singer Sword in his palm. His eyes were attracted to Decimo's right hand, seeing him use Kiba's Sacred Gear, and the Knight Sword formed in his hand.

Decimo stared at Vali, "I wonder if it was a White Dragon or Black Dragon...But Balmung did kill one."

As he said that, the Knights Sword changed into a Greatsword that Decimo raised in the air, "O-Sword, Let thee be filled."

There was the twilight aura that wrapped around it, "Balmung!" There was a blue light that reached the sky, and it slashed down.

Vali gazed up, "Divide!!! Divide!!! Divide!!!! Half-Dimension!!!" He tried his best to stop it, but the blue light fell.

The whole school and barrier cut apart shook, and the ground melted. In moments, the entire school, the terrain, and the building were cut apart and destroyed.

When the smoke cleared, Azazel stood before the peerage, protecting them.

While Devil Kings and Michael came out, protecting their companions.

Vali was on his knees, his boosted gear broken into pieces. Vali was on his knees, his exposed eye staring at Decimo, "You are could have destroyed the city..."

Decimo looked up at the sky, "Because I trusted that you would be able to Divide enough power. And I trusted them to protect others."

His eyes turned toward Vali, "Good job, saving the city and your life."

Vali tried to stand up, the white electric current ran through his body, and he fell.

But Decimo was looking somewhere else, a magic circle appeared, and a young man landed between Vali and Decimo.

But Decimo didn't even look at him; his eyes stared at the sky, "I can feel you..."

A little girl appeared in the sky; the next moment, she was in front of Decimo with her hand on his chest, " You...what are you..."

Decimo gazed into her eyes, "Mm, an abomination."

Michael, Serafall, Azazel, and Sirzechs appeared near Decimo, "Ophis, leave the boy alone!"

Ophis ignored them, the pressure was released from her, and the whole country started shaking.

The pressure disappeared, and Ophis rested her head on his chest, closing her eyes, "You…are so silent."

A hole appeared in the middle of Decimo's chest, with nothingness inside it, which sucked Ophis in.

Decimo touched his chest, looking up at aghast Vali, "It seems you lost your leader."

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