Nearly a month passed,

When Rias found Decimo, he was sitting in the center of the training room wearing Crown Clown's upgraded version, maintaining it longer and longer.

Rias stood near him, watching Decimo sit there. She tucked her hair behind her ear. After some time, she suddenly became flustered seeing Decimo open his eyes.

His red eyes were gazing at her, "I didn't expect to see you here. I thought you would be busy with the problems that Diadora is causing for Asia."

Rias let out a sigh, "Our next match has been decided. It's against Diadora Ashtaroth."

"Oh, that's some good luck. You should be able to get Diadora off Asia's back."

Rias curled her lips, "Shouldn't you be the one coming for her protection? She adores you with all her heart."

Decimo stood up, "I will protect her when she needs it. You spoil her too much; also, I am bothered that she doesn't have any abilities that allow her to defend herself."

Rias frowned, "And you are too hard on her."

"I am just…logical."

Rias sighed, hugging him, closing her eyes, "Fine, fine."

And so few days passed,

Decimo was sitting in the VIP room with other Gods, looking forward to today's fight.

Azazel looked thoughtful on his face as if he was lost in thought. The atmosphere around him and Sirzechs was a bit tense. Decimo, sitting beside Azazel, glanced at them, "What's wrong?"

Azazel stared at the field, "They should have appeared by now."

Sirzechs glanced towards Grayfia, who disappeared, trying to find out what was happening.

On the other hand, Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Is there something you know that I don't?"

Azazel glanced at Sirzechs before nodding and talking, "We believe that Diadora might have become a member of Khaos Brigade."

Decimo breathed, putting his cheek on his curled fingers, "Makes sense...but that also means Asia is in danger."

As a frown appeared on his face, Crown Clown flayed off from inside Decimo's body and disappeared in the air.

"Oh..." Decimo sat up, staring at the space where Crown Clown disappeared.

Somewhere in Underworld,

It was a spacious place with a Greek temple of a kind. Rias and others were surrounded by hundreds and thousands of magic circles in such an area.

Suddenly, a scream caused everyone to look back, "Asia!"

"Senpai!" Asia's voice came from above, causing Rias, Akeno, and others to look up.

"Hey, Rias, I will take Asia now. You should have accepted my offer before - you wouldn't have to die." Diadora said with a refreshing smile on his face.

He just said when his shoulder was pierced by a white cloth, "Arrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed at the top of his voice.

But he wasn't the only one screaming; his arm loosened, causing Asia to fall to the ground.

Crown Clown flew to her in a straight line as she was falling, wrapping itself around Asia.

"Asia!" Rias wrapped her arms around Asia, suffocating Asia with her breasts.

While she hugged Asia, another familiar scream caused her to turn around. An old geezer raised Akeno's skirt when she looked, from which Akeno pulled away.

"Odin-sama, what are you doing here?!"

Diadora grounded his teeth, seeing Odin inside the barrier. The space around him twisted, and he disappeared.

But just as he disappeared, there was another twist, and a mouth-like cavity opened near them.

Asia stared at the young man with white hair and scarlet eyes stroking her head. She tightly gripped the long coat he was wearing, sniffing as she burst into tears.


Decimo stroked her head, "It's ok...I am here." He said, kissing her forehead.

Odin from Norse rubbed his beard, looking towards the space from where Decimo entered, "Hoh, and here I was about to say how hard it is to break the barrier."

One of the devils that surrounded the peerage shouted, "The enemy is the Chief God of Norse! Our name will rise if we take his head!"

Odin glanced towards the devils forming magic circles getting ready to attack. He raised his staff, slamming it down on the ground, creating a shockwave that caused all the attacks to dissipate.

Decimo watched as everyone in the peerage looked towards the devils in shock.

Odin seemed to feel something as he glanced towards Decimo, "What do you plan to do, boy?"

Decimo shook his head, gazing at Rias's, "Do you have a plan?"

Rias narrowed her eyes in anger, stroking Asia's head, "I plan to fight. And after this, I plan on going after Diodora...he seems to be abnormally obsessed with Asia. I plan to stop him once and all."

Odin stroked his beard, "Well, you can leave this to me."

Decimo shook his head, "No, this time, Chaos Brigade decided to target Rias's peerage. It's about time that they learn whom they are messing with. But before that, can you protect them?"

Odin narrowed his eyes, "I can protect them from the devil's attack, but will you ok on your own? You will have to face thousands of mid-class and  high-class devils."

Rias was about to stop him from doing something stupid again, but Decimo gave her a steady gaze causing her to close her mouth.

Decimo walked across the group; Knight's Sword appeared in his right hand, "Old man, you are wrong about two don't have to protect them from the devils but me..."

Decimo stared at the devils creating magic circles, getting ready to attack, "All Things In The Universe, Turn To Ashes."

A massive release of fiery magical energy surrounded Decimo as those words escaped his mouth.

Odin reacted hastily, using his magic energy to protect Rias and others, making a hollow laugh.

The fire was widened, covering the thousands of devils that had them surrounded.

It burned down their magic attacks, circles, and even the devils themselves.

Few of them had the time to scream in pain before their bodies turned to ash, while the others dissipated before even screaming.

Odin used most of the aura to protect Rias and others, but he was just glad that the fire was avoiding them by itself.

When the fire cleared,

The land around them had turned to lava while the ashes of the devils floated in the air.

Decimo glanced back at Odin, "Also, I don't plan to face the members of Chaos Brigade - I'll obliterate them."

As he said, Decimo walked towards the temple to look for Diodora and the others. In a few steps, he disappeared from their view.

Odin wiped the sweat off his head, laughing, "Hahahahaha, no wonder I heard about him so much."

Akeno used her power to dry her clothes, "Is it just me, or does he seem angry."

Rias glanced at her in surprise, "Can he?"

Issei let out a breath, "He might be; after all, that creep tried to kidnap Asia. I am furious!"

Rias was about to say something when her communicator buzzed, "Azazel-Sensei?"

"Rias, good you can hear me. We were starting to get worried about you, but I didn't realize Decimo still had something like that up to his sleeves. I am glad that you are ok; sorry about putting you in this danger."

While Rias was getting orders from Azazel, Decimo was walking inside the temple.

He looked around at the temple; other than the wall, there were pillars.

"I assume Diodora, you can hear me?" Decimo spoke in a soft voice. Even as he walked, the flame released from the sword, melting the temple down.

When he found Diodora, he hid behind the women of his peerage, shivering in fear.

Decimo stared at them; a burst of abnormal pressure appeared in him.

It didn't even take moments before Diodora and members of his peerage were on their knees; foam appeared out of their mouths as they fell to the ground.

Decimo stood there, looking at the device that was in the room. He stared up into the sky, slashing the sword.

The man was wearing light armor; he caught fire as he escaped into the magic circle.

Decimo closed his eyes; he couldn't sense anyone else around. It seemed everyone that Chaos Brigade sent had died. He opened his eyes, staring at their trapped dimension, "It's about time we end this."

"Zanka no Tachi," rather than flashy fire.

In the distance,

Odin used his aura and started protecting Rias and others again.

Issei, who had been leisurely walking, "What wrong old geezer?"

Odin didn't say anything, just pointed towards the sky in the front.

When Rias and others looked at it, the sky seemed erased. He glanced at Rias, "A part of the barrier has been erased; I'll take you out here."

He didn't wait for one moment before teleporting out of the dimension.

When they reappeared, they were near Sirzechs, Azazel, and the others.

Sirzechs walked over with a smile, "Rias, I couldn't be happier that you are safe. My apologies that I put you in danger."

Rias shook her head, "Onii-sama doesn't have to apologize, but what?"

Azazel gazed towards the screens without being able to peel his eyes off, "Look here."

Rias, Akeno, Asia, and others glanced over; Decimo was standing in the void, and the dimension around him was getting erased.

Sirzechs glanced at Ophis, "The little stunt your minions pulled made him angry."

Even though Ophis didn't say anything, Odin rubbed his long beard, "It seems like you devils got lucky, getting your hands on someone like him. I wonder what would happen to the owner of Dimension-Lost when the dimension is destroyed."


Decimo walked on the streets in love hotels with Akeno in his arm. Akeno brimming smile as she walked with him, "So the surprise was the love hotel?"

Decimo stood in front of the hotel, putting his hand inside his pocket, taking out a blindfold, and putting it on Akeno's eyes.

Akeno bit her lower lips, whispering, "Decimo?"

Decimo leaned over her, wrapping his hand around her waist, whispering, "Just follow my lead."

He walked inside the hotel with her, showing the receptionist the card he already had before taking Akeno inside. He took the elevator to the top floor.

Akeno was sticking close to him, rubbing her ass against his thigh. Decimo raised her skirt, putting his fingers inside her panties, whispering, "You are so wet."

Akeno moaned, "Because...I wanted something like his for so long..."

The elevator door opened, and the two of them walked out. Decimo stood in front of a door, opening it.

The moment they entered, the smell of sex in the air that Akeno happily breathed in.

Decimo walked in; his eyes fell on the woman that was being fucked on the bed.  She had a cock inside her pussy, while the other was in her mouth.

Decimo knew these two men and even the woman that was getting fucked.

One of the men had a long beard and a solid body for an older man. As was the other middle-aged man, the woman's husband was fucked.

The old man stopped, rubbing his beard and staring at Akeno, "Oh, the two of you are here?"

Decimo stroked, Akeno's head, "Lord Sirzechs thought you'd enjoy some entertainment. So I brought her here."

Odin laughed, "Ho-ho-ho, you are too kind."

His eyes turned towards the husband and wife, "You two won't mind, right?"

The middle-aged man looked at Akeno, shaking his head.

Decimo patted Akeno's back, "Go, get on the bed."

Akeno turned towards him, kissing his cheek, "Yes."

She walked over, got on the bed, and sat on her knees. She was about to raise her skirt and seduce them when Odin took his cock out of the Shuri, forcing Akeno's head in front of his dick, "Suck it."

Decimo took a chair, sitting beside the bed, watching Akeno's sucking on the cock that came out of her mother's pussy.

Shuri took Baraquiel's cock out of her mouth, sitting up, "That's not fair."

Decimo leaned back on the chair, "Shuri, come here."

Shuri licked her lips, kissing her husband's cheeks, "I'll be back."

She walked over to Decimo and sat down on his lap, kissing his neck, "I missed you."

Decimo watched Baraquiel awkward standing on his knees, looking at his daughter sucking on a God's cock.

He stroked Shuri's hair, "How did you get here?"

Shuri blushed, "I was having a little affair with Lord Odin. But I wanted more, so I called my dear husband. I am so glad you are here too."

She kissed his ear, "You are so hard. Fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours."

Decimo let out a smile, taking his cock out of his pants. Shuri climbed over, holding it, and putting it inside her pussy.

"Ahhhh!!! It's sooooo good!!" Shuri moaned loudly as she wildly moved her hips.

Decimo groaned, holding Shuri's hair tightly as she moved her hips, fucking her pussy.

Decimo held her tightly, his fingers sinking in her ass cheeks as he moved them. Decimo's eyes were looking at Akeno, deepthroating Odin's cock. Before turning towards Baraquiel, "If you are not comfortable with fucking your daughter, then your wife's hole is free."

As he said, he stretched Shuri's asshole, making her moan even louder.

Her hands reached backward, spreading her asscheeks even more, "Oh! Yes!! Hubby!!! I need another one!! Give me some!!"

Decimo's cock twitched inside her as he heard her beg for more cock. He fondled her breasts, watching Baraquiel walk over. He put his hand on his wife's bouncing butt, "Yes, sweetheart."

He shoved his cock inside his wife's asshole, causing her to arch her back, orgasming.

But even as she came, her hips didn't stop moving. She held onto Decimo's shoulder, feeling her holes filled with cocks.

She felt Decimo's fangs on her neck, sinking inside her body.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" The sudden euphoria caused her brain to turn into a mush. Her hips slowed down, but the two men fucking her holes harder and harder until she came again.

She was losing the feeling in her body as she got fucked, until she couldn't feel it anymore.

She could feel herself cumming, even as her eyes went hazy, and she had a sore throat. Her asshole was filled with her husband's cum, while her pussy and womb were overwhelmed by her daughter's boyfriend's hot cum.

"Ho-ho-ho, if you are done with that one, I think this one needs attention." He was sitting at the edge of the bed, with Akeno's face twisted in pleasure as she got her pussy fucked by the older man.

Baraquiel glanced towards Decimo, who shrugged, "You first. It would be a good chance of bonding for you."

Odin laughed, lifting Akeno's body, putting his dick in her asshole. He held her head, "Why don't you invite your father in?"

Akeno's eyes turned towards Decimo, in front of whom was her mother. She was lying on the floor. Decimo smiled at her, making her blush, and opened her pussy, "Papa..." Her eyes turned towards Baraquiel, "Fuck me."

Decimo glanced down at Shuri, turning his gaze towards Akeno, who had her face on her father's shoulder. She was tightly holding onto him; her eyes were staring at Decimo. Her crazed moans echoed in the room like her mothers did before.

Decimo leaned back on the chair; his feet touched Shuri's face, "Hey."

Shuri turned her gaze towards him, climbing on his legs. Decimo pulled her up with her hair, rubbing her face against his cock.

Shuri sucked on it, licking it, while Decimo watched Akeno's face as she enjoyed it with all her heart and body.

Next Day,

Decimo was sitting on the sofa in the club room with Akeno lying on it, with her head on his lap. He stroked her head, "Did you have fun?"

Akeno had a satisfied smile on her face, "Mm...thank you for that. I loved it, being fucked with my father, although having a god's cock in my holes was a nice surprise."

She soon chuckled, "Rias would be jealous when she hears about it."

"Oh, I heard," Rias's voice echoed in the room. A magic circle appeared with Rias appearing from it.

She crossed her hands, staring at him, "You could have brought me with you."

Akeno turned her body and opened her eyes, giggling, "Well, it was a surprise."

Rias frowned, staring at Decimo, "You better have good plans for me."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, staring at Rias's, "I don't. But I'll think of something."

He got on his feet, kissing her lips, "But for that, I need inspiration." He tore her clothes apart.

Rias moaned, kissing him back madly. He held her hands behind her back, and a magic circle appeared, binding her hands.

"Akeno, get your toys," Decimo whispered, brushing Rias's lips.

Akeno created a magic circle, teleporting all the sex toys. She got on her feet, selecting the dildos from her toys. She put the vibrating dildos in Rias's pussy and asshole.

Decimo put a gag on Rias's mouth before covering her eyes with a blindfold.

Akeno chuckled, licking Rias's cheeks as she fondled Rias's breasts, "What do you have planned?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Rias is a about a fuckfest for her? Getting treated like a princess whore? I would like to invite all the men and women she knows. Anyone with the desire to fuck and humiliate our dear princess."

Akeno licked her lips, hearing Rias's moan, "Oh, I bet she would love that."

Decimo opened a video recorder, taking off the gag from Rias's mouth, "We need a video invitation; why don't you ask everyone?"

Decimo sat down on the sofa, waiting for Rias, who blushed, shaking her head, "No..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes; tens of tentacles rose from under her shadow, filling her holes through the dildos. Rias moaned, but more tentacles invaded her mouth as they fucked her holes, pulling her nipples and clitoris.

Decimo recorded Rias getting fucked until she was about to cum. The tentacles pulled back, taking out dildoes from her holes.

"Decimo~~Decimo~~~DECIMO!!" With her legs spread, Rias rubbed her pussy against the floor.

Decimo narrowed his eyes, watching her, "You won't be cumming with my cock today. If you want to, then send the invitation.

Even when the other club members came, they sat down watching their president getting teased by Decimo for the next hour.

She came close to orgasming but couldn't until she was ready to beg for it.

Decimo pointed the camera at her, "Do it."

Rias moved her body, causing her breasts to shake, "I...I want to cum...please...come and fuck me...I need a cock...any cock...Please!!"

Decimo closed the camera, giving Akeno the camera, "You know what to do." Akeno took the camera with shining eyes, "Yes!"

Once she disappeared, Koneko sat upon his lap, "Rias-Senpai is having a party?"

Decimo put his arm around her waist, tracing her thighs, smiling, "Mm, she wanted something special."

Koneko curled up, moaning, "OhOhOh~~~!"

While teasing Koneko, his eyes went around the room. Issei had his cock out as he watched Rias, "Can't we start before the party?"

Kiba nodded, "Yes, I would love to make Lady Rias cum."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Who said it is about to start; it has already started."

Xenovia opened her eyes, "What? How?"

A magic circle appeared the moment she said, and Sirzechs appeared in the room.

He glanced towards the room before his eyes fell on Rias.

With a solemn gaze, he turned towards Decimo, "Is it true you are whoring my little sister out?"

Decimo shook his head, "Her body can be used for free, so it's not whoring out."

Sirzechs closed his eyes; a smile appeared on his eyes. He picked Rias up, putting her on the table, holding her thighs excitedly, worried that he'd miss the chance. He slid his cock in his little sister, "Good enough for me."

Another magic circle appeared with Rias's father coming through. He didn't even ask any questions before pulling his pants down, putting his dick in Rias's mouth.

Decimo closed his eyes, leaning his head back. Xenovia and Asia couldn't take it; they got on their knees, licking Decimo's dick and balls.

Decimo glanced towards the back. Akeno appeared with a few men whom they knew. Their hands were already inside Akeno's clothes as she moaned with a smile. She seemed happy getting some attention.

Decimo glanced towards Kiba and Issei, pointing towards Asia and Xenovia. The two of them were happy to get behind them and fucking them.

Decimo closed his eyes, hearing the moans echo in the room.

He was getting lost in the atmosphere that was around him.