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Chapter 19 - Merge and Change

Apr 09, 2022

"I cannot seem to restore my emotions no matter what? Not even after I put you through all that, Rias…."

Rias rested in the bath, resting her head against Decimo's thigh, letting him stroke her head, "Decimo, I will do it a thousand times if it means you can get them back. Your emotions."

"No, it's not enough. Nothing will ever be not to reach the other side."

"Then does that mean you are going to give up? Because I don't want you to," Rias turned over, resting her palms on his thighs, looking up at him, even with his heavy dick resting on her face.

Decimo stroked her hands, "Hmm, you know what I think? I think nothing will solve this problem for me in the future. Not while I am divided, so I should think about a solution in the past."


Decimo closed his eyes, and he appeared outside Earth with Rias, and the two of them moved at infinite speed, appearing outside the Universe, in the endless void.

"In the past, before all this happened, I lost my emotions. I need to go back to that time…."

Rias didn't have the time to be surprised by what she saw, but she hugged him closer, wondering, "Are you leaving?"

"No. Nothing would change if I just enter the past; this will be the result then. So I plan on bringing the past here, with more variables, so there might be a chance for me to win."

Rias let out a sigh of relief, "You can do that?'

"Yes, I can."

Decimo closed his eyes, "I am the Dragon that embodies Nothingness. The one contradiction, the paradox, exists where there should be nothing when there should be nothing. I am the Non-Existent one. And I am...Absolute!"

A Decimo spoke, and the endless void ended, showing the pathways to two universes that were being merged, pulling them closer to attach to this one. But all the while, his powers pulled the two universes; they also pulled the other two near it, attaching the four universes to the cluster of universes that was near here.

It was sudden, abrupt, and a flash of light covered the two, but when they woke up again, they were entirely somewhere else.

Soul Society,

"Jay? What's wrong?"

"Hm?" The young man with black hair, and scarlet eyes, shifted his eyes towards the woman who was the most excellent medical ninja when she was alive, and now one of the greatest even when she was a Shinigami, and his wife, "Tsunade."

Tsunade wore Shinigami's Shihakusho, revealing much of her cleavage, "I am still trying to figure it out."

Hueco Mundo,

"That was a stupid thing to do. Even though there is little that I hold taboo, there is one thing, one rule that I never break."

"To go and meet your past self or future," Decimo said, hugging Rias, who had fainted, gazing at the Dragon that seemed to be there but not there.

"Yes, and yet here you stand. You know what happens now, right?"

"Right, the past and future connect, and our existence would change from one that is just parallel to vertical, and we'd truly become Omniscient."

"Then why?"

"Because this timeline would result in me, and even the fact that I am a singularity will be broken. I'll be divided. This should never come to pass, so I am here to change it, and since the worlds are about to merge…."

"Yes, there is the golden hour, where we can merge too, and not be connected in the future and the past. But you know even the other bodies combined, the result will not change."

"Maybe not fully, but a little bit, the first step. I need it."

"Very well," The Dragon moved, closing his eyes, and Decimo stepped towards him, walking inside him. The Decimo of the past, and the Decimo of the far future, merged, turning into one.

There was no flashy change, noise, thunder, or breaking space. It was as if there was nothing there.

What appeared was Decimo, taller, a bit more buffed up, with black roots in his platinum hair and dichromatic scarlet and green eyes.

The continent of Ninja's, Uchiha Household,

"Both of you, come to have dinner!"

"Yes, mom!!!" A little girl jumped from the sofa, rushing over, only to stop and remind her twin brother, who had pink hair, pushing him, "Hey, Guren! Wake up!"

"Sarada…" Guren, the little boy, opened his eyes, aqua eyes, and had more wisdom than anyone his age. As one of the seven fragments, he connected to his future self.

"So much happened…some of it I want to do again," but his emotions were slipping away, troubled him. Still, he had his memories to remind him of how and what he did, how he treated them.

Soul Society,

"Truly, this might be the only way to not let the future happen," Jay hugged Tsunade from behind, resting his head on her shoulder and closing his eyes. This change didn't only affect him but even the world.

To live in that one, to bend it to his own will, he used the power of nothingness to turn much or morality into nothing, blurring the lines massively.

"Jay…everything will be fine, right?"

"Right, it won't be like last time this time."


DxD Earth,

"Rias, Decimo, did you fell that?! Something happened!" Akeno hastily rushed into the room to find Decimo sitting on Azazel's chair, drinking tea, with Rias resting in his arms. Still, the sudden change in Decimo astounded her, "What happened to you?"

"I did something…and I think I have emotions…a little bit of them…."


That night,

"Long ago, there was the world of ninja and a vampire, progenitor of the race fell into it. He fell in love with the princess of leaf village there, and the two had a happy life, even though the troubled times. But then, the war game, a war that enveloped the whole world. The princess blamed the vampire, knowing he could have stopped the war, but she understood his circumstance."

"Even though he understood, he watched his wife's sadness, and so he merged that universe with another—one where people would still live in the afterlife. So the ones who die in war could still live. But at the end of the war came the woman, the progenitor of ninjas, that world's greatest fighting force. The goddess seemed unbeatable until the vampire, and the princess joined their hands together to sacrifice themselves and seal a part of her inside them. When the two woke up, they were in Soul Society, where the dead lived."

"Phew, I was worried that they'd die," Asia relieved sigh, hearing Decimo tell the story to her and other peerage members.

Decimo leaned back on the chair, "That is not the end of the story. In that world, there were Shinigami, who wielded Zanpakutos, the swords that purified the dead and the hollow."

Kiba interrupted him, "Hollow are souls that get corrupted and turn into mindless monsters, right?"

"Right. Each Shinigami's Zanpakutos depends on their personality, history, heart, and fate, much like the Voids that I use. Having lost and sealed all that information on the scarlet mark on his forehead, the vampire became human and then a Shinigami. He, a prodigy, couldn't release his Zanpakutos power, no matter what. But then one day, he came across a hollow, different from any other."

"Different How?"

"Enhanced for one, given an ability. Any Shinigami it touched lost their Zanpakuto forever. Even when the young man could do that, kill the hollow without breaking a sweat. He let his Zanpakuto break because of the political situation. But even he didn't know that the first release was true when it broke into seven. His existence was divided into seven, yet, he was always one."

"What? What? I didn't get that part," Issei scratched his head.

Decimo sighed, opening his dichromatic eyes, "Seven, those were the number of fragments. One went in him, the other six? In different worlds. In the living world, in the world of ninjas, in hell, Hueco Mundo, and the Quincy World. Finally, one who became human. But these seven were just bodies and souls; the mind and consciousness remained his. And so, even though he was one, he lived seven lives, through the multiple worlds, until the human died first."

"Which one are you?" Akeno put her hands together, asking the tricky question.

"The one who was born in Hueco Mundo. Now that I merged with my past selves."

"This has to stay between our peerage," Kiba furrowed his brows.

"Hm," Koneko looked down, circling her ankle on her toe, "Wait, does that mean…you are…now six again?"

"Yes, but that is good news. Since the burden that I couldn't bring on my own is now being shared by my five bodies. This is why…I have them…a bit of them…."

"You have?" Rias widened her eyes, covering her gaping lips with her palm.

"Feelings…not much, not enough to be enough. But a beginning, the first step in many more to come. What didn't work before? Let's hope it works now."

"Awww~~!!!! That's the best news ever!!!" Akeno jumped on him, hugging him tightly, grinning. Only for Rias to pout and come in for a hug, but Asia rushed in with Koneko, leaving her out cold again. She raised her eyes, looking at Decimo, being hugged by them, even Gasper, crossing her arms, pouting.

Xenovia patted her shoulder, "No worries, Prez. We'll ask him to impregnate us later."

"Impregnate?" Rias blinked, blushing even harder, "As if!!!"

Decimo smiled, "But that also means we have to change our base for a moment, so I will have to do some work. Don't worry. I'll connect it to this club room to not trouble anyone."

Rias smiled at him, happy, "Do whatever you need to. I'll support you."

While Decimo got to work here, with this body, he turned the eyes of the another to watch his wife, in the soul society, explaining to her.

"So…? What happened that led to all this?" Sitting in soul society in Thirteenth Division, Tsunade watched the husband differently from how she knew him.

He was handsome, very much so, but someone could say he was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. But rather than a name, he used a letter, J, to represent himself, one thing she never understood about him.

She watched him, lying under the shade of a tree, enjoying the sunlight that passed through the leaves, "Jay?"

He let out a sigh, knowing she wouldn't give up, opening his scarlet eyes, "I can't say. And not that it matters anymore. It's going to change either way."

Tsunade lay down beside him, resting her head on his arm, putting her palm on his chest, "Very well. If that is what you think."

Jay rested his palm on Tsunade's back, kissing her head and closing his eyes. He was busy connecting DxD Universe's Club Room to Hueco Mundo.

The problem was that the worlds were about to merge, and much like the Ninja's World, the time for the two was on a different timeline. Especially for the DxD Universe. A month there would mean about ten years here. Still, he had to connect the worlds because of Aizen and watch him.

"Oh well."

Hueco Mundo,

Demico stood in front of the replica of their clubhouse, standing on the white sand when Rias walked out of the door. He narrowed his eyes, "So it's working."

"Yes, it is," Rias breathed in the place with little air. However, there wasn't any atmosphere or breathable air in Hueco Mundo, so he created a bit for everyone to breathe.

Decimo was about to go back in to check, but Rias hugged him, "It's deary…but strangely beautiful…."

Decimo paused, hugging her, enjoying a few minutes of peace, stroking her hair, "Yes, yes."

Rias raised her chin, moving her palm from his shoulder to the back of his neck, pulling his head down, planting a kiss on his lips, "So what now? Will you still be a part of my peerage or make your own?"

"Be a part of yours," Decimo traced her waist, moving his hand down to her hips, under her skirt, and kissing gently.

"Decimo… I want to meet you…."

"You will, soon," Decimo raised her in his arms, walking back inside the room, only to find Sirzechs, Serafall, Azazel, Michael, Odin walking the corridors, "Why is everyone here?"

He didn't think they'd find out so soon; they shouldn't have.

"Oh, Rias," Sirzechs nodded towards them, without the usual smile on his lips. He was about to tell her his worries when he realized his sister was in someone's arm, "Rias…won't you introduce me to your friend?"

"Huh? Brother?" Rias was confused, but Decimo put her down, remembering that he had forgotten to tell her.

He didn't have the power to bring those universes here, not in the present, so he had to turn much of the timeline to nothingness. Back to the moment where he had the last traces of absolute power and the moment he was divided the second time, after achieving his Bankai.

Because of that, his existence from this timeline was erased too, and the only ones that remembered him were the ones who had the Rias's pieces in them.

Still, it wasn't hard for him to remind them, but if he did, there would be too many clues about him, and they might conclude that he was responsible. So, he didn't plan to remind them.

"I am Decimo," Decimo bowed respectfully, "A Pawn of Rias."

"Decimo?" Rias glanced towards him, confused, only to meet his right eye, the scarlet one, and nodded, thinking about what all he could do.

"Yes, I found him recently. A Sacred Gear User."

Sirzechz confusedly shook his head, "I thought you used all your pawns on Issei?"

"Hm?" Rias was getting more confused when she heard Decimo's voice in her head.

'Since I had to erase myself and my cause and effects. Everything that happened, they remember differently. I'll show you what they think happened later. Now, tell them this.'

"Right, Decimo's Sacred Gear is a bit special, so when he used it on me. I grew in strength; not only that, my Evil Pieces strengthened quite a bit. Four of my Pawns came out of Issei's body on their own."

"Oh, that happened," Serafall ran her eyes over Decimo, grinning, "I bet Ajuka-chan would love to know how that happened! I can't help but be curious about your Sacred Gear, boy."

"So am I," Azazel nodded, "But we have something else to deal with."

"Big brother…No, Devil King. May I ask what happened?"

Odin laughed, "Oh, it's because we will die. For sure this time."


"Ajuka sensed that massive energy, universal level, maybe universes, four are moving towards us. There is a chance that they might collide, which would be the end of the material universe, and that would cause the mythological realms to fall, and even the Underworld will be destroyed."

Azazel didn't beat down the bush, telling the bad news so they could move forward with the solution. He glanced towards Decimo's regular expression, letting out a sigh, "Not the best day to become the Devil, Kid."

Decimo's eyes met with Rias's, and he realized why they were here, "Oh, is that why you are here? Do you want to use Issei's Sacred Gear? Rias told me that it doubles the powers if I remember it right. If you use that, and the counterpart, and strengthen the Two Heavenly Dragons or their Wielders, and develop a weapon that they can use to transfer that power. With the help of Infinity Dragon God and Great Red. Let alone a few other Mythological Forces…you might be able to save a small part of the Universe."

Azazel blinked, crossing his hands, nodding, "Yes, yes. That was the plan that I had in mind. That is why we are here."

"Is that so?" Sirzechz smiled, shaking his head, "You got yourself a smart one. Congratulation, Rias."

"Thank you, Onii-sama," Rias grinned, hugging Decimo's arm.

Serafall's eyes started shining, "Wait, how did you know all that? About Heavenly Dragons and Mythical Realms? Didn't you only become Devil Today? What did you do before?"

Decimo put his hand around Rias's waist, pulling her close, kissing her head to others' surprise, "I have been dating Rias for a while. So, I know a few things."

"D-date?! Rias is dating?! But I thought?! You and Issei? Wait, this is so confusing," Sirzechz's calm expression disappeared. He slumped his head down, holding his head.

"You know, you reacted more to this than you did the news of our Universe dying out." 

"Haha…" Sirzechz let out a hollow laugh while Odin laughed, "Well, that is youth. Say, Michael, don't you think so?"

Even though he asked, he didn't hear any reply from Michael, making him and others strangely look at Michael, who dazedly observed Decimo.

"Michael, is everything okay?" Serafall leaned forward, looking at him, asking.

"Yes," Michael pulled his attention away, "Sorry for being rude. But if you don't mind me asking. Then what is your Sacred Gear?"

"Oh?" The others didn't think that Michael would abruptly ask something like that.

Decimo raised his left hand, and it turned scarlet, metallic, but at the center of the back of his hand was a silver cross, "It's complicated. But I don't have one…."

He raised his other hand, showing the back of the palm, and the upside-down cross, with italic J on its left and its mirror image on the right side of the cross, "But two. Or should I say one, but with two distinct abilities and purpose?"

"A cross…" Michael breathed in, "I thought so. I felt something like a Blessed power…a strong one."

Rias noticed the change in the Sacred Gears when Decimo gave her an explanation.

'Now that I merged with my past self and regained that power. I was able to perfectly merge the two Sacred Gears.'

'Oh,' Rias silently nodded.

"Let's go inside and talk?" Sirzechz nodded towards others, "We should start making preparations, right?"

"Yes, let's," Rias walked after them, and Michael pulled away with great effort.


"Oh, so that's what's going on. I was so confused about what had happened. Why no one seems to remember Decimo," Issei patted his chest, letting out a breath of relief.

"Yes, some things have changed," Kiba nodded, "Like we are at Issei's House, even though it has been transformed. Uncle and Aunt also live here."

"Right, right," Issei nodded, "That's so true. I was shocked as well!"

Decimo sat down on the sofa chair, crossing his legs, resting his arms on the armrests, "Right. There are a few other minor changes, but if I am not wrong, Ophis should still remember me. As for how things happened. We can figure it out slowly. We have time."

"Do we? T-t-t-t-t-they were saying we-e-e-e will all die…."

"Don't worry. No one is dying," Decimo leaned to the side, pulling the box away to reveal a teary-eyed Gasper. He patted his head, "I promise you that."

"Are-ara, does that mean you have a way to solve this problem?"

"That? What you think is a problem is not one. It would take about a month for the two Universe to come in contact. They will realize that they were wrong about the situation when they do. Let's bide our time till then. We can even go to Hueco Mundo to train since a month here would be around ten years there."

"Ten years?" Issei was confused, only to remember, "Oh, right. I am a Devil! I won't age even in ten years!"

"Right, but ten years are too much. Let's start with one year first?" Rias suggested.

"We can do that. We can say that we will train Issei," Decimo smiled.

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