The next day,

Everyone wasn't happy in the clubroom when Decimo reached it. His eyes went towards Akeno, asking, "What is it?"

"It's about the girl you saved; there would be trouble." Akeno rubbed her head while looking at Decimo.

Decimo looked around, "Where is she?"

Rias opened her eyes, looking at him, "Issei took her out for some shopping."

Decimo walked over to Rias, patting her shoulder, "Don't worry, I know what's at stake. It won't turn out the way you think it might."

Rias narrowed her eyes, "How do you know...?"

Decimo sat beside her, staring at the wall with distant eyes, "It's that girl's Sacred Gear; it's special."

"Ara-Ara, when did you see her Sacred Gear?" Akeno looked at him with curious eyes.

"I have my ways of recognizing Sacred Gears; her's is special. I suggest that Rias turns her into a chess piece."

Rias shook her head in shock, "No! She is affiliated to the church; I can't do that."

"But she's not affiliated with a church; her powers allow her to heal the devils. That was why she was cast away from the church and taken in by a fallen angel. In short, she's an ownerless property; anyone with power can take her."

Rias narrowed her eyes, "How do you know that?"

Decimo shrugged, "Asked her in the morning; she was kind enough to share."

Kiba interjected, "Power that allows healing devils is rare."

Koneko, who was primarily quiet, pecked her mouth, "Rare!"

Akeno glanced toward Rias solemnly, "But will she turn into a Devil; she has her faith."

Decimo stood up, looking out the window; his eyes went towards the cross, "Leave that to me."

Rias wrapped her hands around him, hugging him from the back, "Is this somehow related to your Sacred Gear?"

Decimo glanced back, "Sa…who knows?"

Rias puffed her cheeks cutely when Akeno hugged Decimo, caressing his platinum hair, "Hey, since…the kids are out?"

Decimo pushed Akeno against the wall, right next to the window, sensually tracing her cheek, watching her lips hungrily.

Akeno sucked in a breath, forgetting to even breathe as she watched his eyes, lips, wanting to kiss him, but he would let her. She could hear his heartbeat, her breathing.

Decimo smiled, tasting her lip slowly, gently, and Akeno melted in his arms. Since he was nothing with no authentic self, only his ideal self, he could be whatever he thought an ideal human would be; everything he did was near perfect. Be it during a fight or sex.

Akeno kissed him passionately, sucking in air between them, feeling his palm push her hair to the side, cupping her cheek. She pushed herself onto him; his strong arm was around her waist, his body pressing hers.

He turned her over, wrapping his hands around her waist, resting on her back, leaning against the wall to look at her blushing, excited face. But more than her, he looked at Koneko, Rias, and Kiba, watching them with rapt attention.

He raised Akeno's skirt, showing the three her meaty ass, squeezing it, changing the shape of her ass, spreading it, "Let's see…Kiba, come over and fuck Akeno's asshole."


"Yes," Decimo curled his fingers around Akeno's neck, holding her a few inches away from his face, smacking her ass loud enough to echo in the whole room, and leaving a mark on her butt cheek.

"Ahh~!!" Akeno moaned in joy; her body trembled as she pushed her ass out on his orders.

Kiba was unsure where to put his hand when Prez helped him, putting his palms on Akeno's butt cheeks, sinking his and her fingers in the flesh, "Can I participate?"

Decimo watched her, holding Akeno's neck tightly, watching her panting tongue, "Sure…."

Kiba didn't even have to take out his cock, since Prez took it out, adjusting it, pushing him forward, watching his cock spread out her best friend's asshole.

"Fuck her," Decimo ordered, and Kiba started swinging his hips, hearing his senpai moan through his thrusts. The woman he swore his loyalty to was breathing heavily beside his ear, panting, wanting a cock.

Decimo peered into Akeno's eyes, seeing that it wasn't enough to satisfy her; it was nowhere near enough. She could take more, go to more extremes, and still love it.

She let go of her neck, holding her up by her hair, smacking her cheek, loud enough to leave a palm print.

"Agh~!" Kiba let out a painful moan, his cock was nearly bit off by Akeno's pussy lips, and her body convulsed when the slap landed on her face.

He didn't even have the time when there was another, and he felt much closer to ejecting inside her.

Akeno's eyes were already on the back of her head because of the pleasure, and Decimo slapped her again; this time, her body lost all control, climaxing.

"Oh, my…" Rias bit her lip, watching her best friend being beaten and enjoying it.

"More! More!! Yess~!!! Yesssssssss~~!! Hurt me more~~!!!!!!" Akeno screamed in excitement, squirting.


By the time Issei and Asia came back, Decimo and Koneko were the only ones sitting on the couch, and the two girls were lying on the table, tired to the core, and a haggard Kiba was sitting at the corner of the room.

"What happened here?"

"Nothing, really," Decimo pampered Koneko, whose head was on his thigh, reading a book from the curriculum.

He stopped for a moment, raising his head to look at Asia, "How was it? Did you have fun?"

Asia smiled brightly, "Yes, very much so."

She walked up to him, sat beside him, hugged his hand, looking towards Issie, "Issie-san was kind."

"Mm, did you decide on a place to live in?"


"Ok, then live with me."

Asia gasped, and she wasn't the only one, Koneko sat up, and Akeno and Rias snapped and opened their eyes; Kiba raised his head while Issie took a step back, "What? Really?"

"Is that something to be surprised about?"

"No," Asia hugged his arm tightly, smiling nicely. She knew among everyone here or maybe everyone in the world; she was the only one who truly knew the extent of his powers and existence.

Decimo leaned towards her, whispering in her ear, and a blush covered her face before she nodded.


Rias moaned with a red face, her eyes staring at the scene in front of her.

Decimo gazed in the same direction that she was looking, "You are doing good for the first time."

Decimo said, patting soft golden hair and watching the girl lick his cock with single-hearted devotion.

Rias licked her lips, watching Asia, "It's tempting, seeing the devoted nun suck a cock."

Decimo caressed Asia's cheeks, causing her to look up with innocent eyes, "My Lord?"

Asia gazed at him with devoted eyes, "I am no good?"

Decimo glanced toward Rias with his shining red eyes, "Teach her."

Rias smiled, "Gladly..."

Besides Asia, she got on her knees, "Here, do it like this." She put out her tongue, licking his cock.

Decimo closed his eyes, leaning back, enjoying her technique. Before long, he felt her lips wrapped around his cock - slowly, she took it inside.

Her eyes looked towards Asia, "Why don't you try that?"

Asia gulped, holding his cock with her hands; she clumsily licked it.

Decimo opened his eyes, watching her try her best as she tried to put the cock in her mouth.

Decimo smiled, watching the tears come from her eyes. While Asia licked his cock, Rias went down, licking his balls.

Decimo looked towards the roof, enjoying the stimulation that he was getting.

Both of them kept at it... exchanging their place - sometimes it was Rias that was sucking the cock while Asia sucked on the balls. Or sometimes, both of them focused on the cock, which made Decimo focus his eyes on them.

" you like it?"

Asia held it like her precious treasure; her eyes looked up, "Yes, My Lord...I love it...I love Lord."

Decimo patted his lap, "Here, sit..."

Asia widened her eyes, but soon a blissful expression replaced the shock. She stood up, took off her panty, she sat down on his lap. Decimo touched her thigh, putting his cock in her.

Rias stood up, worried, "Decimo, that's too big for her. Don't you think we should start with smaller dicks?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "No, this is good...I want her first time." It was rare, but he finally felt something.

He wanted this innocent girl's first time, even if it meant breaking her.

Asia screamed as more of Decimo's cock went inside her, and blood slipped out of her pussy.

Decimo stopped once her hymen was broken, "Does it hurt too much?"

Asia arched her back, "Hah...Pain bestowed by the Lord is my pleasure."

Decimo held her jaw, turning her face towards him, filled with tears and happiness, "I like this one."

Rias took out a handkerchief, cleaning all the blood, "Now it's pretty are a devil now so that the paint won't last long."

Asia touched her stomach with a smile, "I am happy, that Lord fills me, that Lord is inside me, nothing else matters."

Decimo stroked her head, slowly moving his hips, making her body bounce on his.

"Ahhh~Ehh~~Ugh~~~Lo~~Rd~~~Lord is me...."

Decimo squeezed her breasts through her school dress. Asia moaned louder, moving her hips on her own. The pain and pleasure rushed through her body.

It was all so new; the pleasure she was feeling was new to her.

Decimo moved his hips harder, making Asia raise her voice, "Ahhhh~~~Ahhhhhhh~~~~~My Lorrrrrdddd!!!!!!!"

Akeno started rubbing her pussy lips, swollen from her punishment. She felt her heart beating faster, seeing the nun scream in pleasure.

She shifted to sit down beside Decimo, pushing herself over his arm, "Please…pay attention to me too?"

Decimo glanced towards her, slowing down his thrusts, allowing Asia to breathe a little. He strokedAsia'sa's incredible body, his eyes are darting between two mature girls and the loli before opening the middle button of Akeno's shirt. It revealed much of her breasts but did not free her breasts.

"Issei, come here and use Akeno's breasts to give yourself a tit job."

"What? Me!" Issie felt his breath stop, pulling his attention away from Asia's naked body and turning his eyes towards Akeno, seemingly asking for permission.

Akeno bit her lip, holding her breasts, "It's…Decimo's orders…so…come on."

Issei audibly gulped, "Yes! I will do my best, Senpai!"

He lewdly scanned her body, taking out his impressive cock, sinking his fingers in her massive breasts, causing her to squeal in surprise as Issei's hot throbbing cock was shoved between her breasts. She moaned, "Ahh~ It's so hot…throbbing…thick…I didn't know you had something like this hidden."

She pushed her tits deeper, moving up and down, jerking his cock, "Prez, you chose another good one…."

Rias chuckled, stroking Asia's hair, watching her peaceful expression as her pussy adjusted to Decimo's cock, "Yes, I did."

She raised her head, planting her lips on Decimo's lips, exchanging a wet kiss with him, watching him pull Akeno in a closer hug, causing Issie to put one knee on the couch, fucking Akeno's breasts, crushing Koneko between them.

"Yes, ~!!! Yessss~!!! Yesssss~~!!!! More!!! More!!! Issei!!! Harder!!!!"

Issei started shaking his hips harder, smacking his groin against her breasts, shaking faster and faster, until Akeno had to part her lips, move forward to take his cock in her mouth, pushing her body forward with his every thrust, pulling her back with every pull.

Decimo leisurely turned his eyes towards Asia; his thumb stroked her innocent lip, "I hope you are enjoying this. Since Devils have a lot of stamina…."