I am Harry Jacobs, the North of 60 Gamer. My gaming goes back to the 70s when I started with Avalon Hill and SPI war games. In the last year I started creating content on the North of 60 Gaming Channel. I am an independent content creator who is not partnered with any big publisher, therefore most of what you see with some exceptions is what I am buying and playing.

My goal is to bring a Northern perspective to the game as I live in the sub-arctic here in Canada. As well as my age is North of 60 as well, one of my goals is to ensure that gaming is not just for the younger demographics but shows that older gamers exist and have just as much fun playing with modern board gaming.

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Lastly, unlike bigger content creators, I do not have games and equipment given to me by sponsors. If you can spare some change to buy me a coffee it would be greatly appreciated as it would help offset the rising cost of games, so that I can continue to bring quality content to my channel.

Thank you,

Harry "North of 60 Gamer" Jacobs