Hello! You scrolled all the way back here! Good for you! I salute your diligence. Diligence. Such a funny word lel. I don't even know if I used it right in this case. Anyway.

2021 is here (we're already 67 days in as I type this, wow), and I decided to try out some new stuff. But before that, a nod to all things past. This particular photograph is all of that. I still remember the exact moment I created this. It was in the early hours of a wintery morning in Hassan, and I used the front camera of the 2 MP front camera of my Nokia Lumia 620. It is no photographic genius by any stretch, yet if not for the brilliance in that moment, this picture would never have existed.

What does a 5-year old selfie have to do with 2021, you ask? Well, what you are seeing is merely a vector graphic of the original, which finally brings me back in the present. This marks the beginning of my tinkering with the digital arts, well, a little more seriously than I used to.

I look forward to a memorable 2021, and I wish the same for you, dear person-who-cared-to-scroll-all-the-way-down-here.