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Oct 22

Meet Keri, an online ESL teacher and stay at home mom. Keri is a hardworking and dedicated teacher who is working at VIPKid and Magic Ears. Take a listen to her story along with useful information for those of you wanting to teach online. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up with the latest videos for teaching online.

Feb 24

Meet Laura from the UK who teaches online for DaDaABC. Laura has taught in three different countries for traditional brick and mortar schools. She made the switch to teaching online and is loving it! Take a listen to our discussion to learn more about teaching online and her experience at DaDaABC.

Feb 24

Watch the video below to get to know more about Camden, where he works, and useful information to help you get a job teaching online. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to keep up with the latest videos for teaching online.

Feb 24

We have our first teacher interview. We interviewed Teacher Carley from Magic Ears. You can check out her page here to find out more. She has great advice for teachers and has a great story as well!

Feb 13

You can easily find demo and interview videos for most of the schools on this new page The page has a built-in player and search that helps save you time. Another benefit is that the videos are pre-screened to ensure you see only high-quality demo videos. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed since this is our first pass. Here is a short video to further help you. Please share the page and this post with other teachers. They will find it to be useful!

Feb 12