Need a little something to feed your fiction craving over the holiday? Pop over to our website for a banquet of web novels, now posting two chapters a week.

Like spy-fy with some snark? Check out The Gemini Hustle and The Libra Gambit (our test serial novel, this one is almost complete!).

Fans of Killjoys/Firefly may enjoy Outrageous Fortune.

Love found-family/action/adventure, (along with a pet draco named Elvis)? Soldier of Fortune may be just what you're looking for. Grab a cuppa (coffee, tea, cocoa, local IPA—we don't judge) and settle in for some outrageous adventures.

Too rushed for a full chapter? Readers can also find dream casting, snippets from the editing room floor, and even the occasional recipe.

Just pop on over, prop up your feet, and enjoy the holidays with our weirdo tribe.