And by "It" I mean The Libra Gambit, Book 2 of The Zodiac Files, which was released Thursday, along with the leaner, meaner second edition of The Gemini Hustle, Book 1 of The Zodiac Files.

Basically, it's a spy-fy party, just in time for Halloween.

Curious what readers think? Here are some comments from the Advance Reader team:

  •  I think shelving it under "galactic thriller" is appropriate. 

  • I absolutely loved THE LIBRA GAMBIT! It has a plethora of incredible characters (my favorites were Harry, Ray, Mo, and Jessryn), a solid plot (a prison break - in space!) and exciting action

  • …another exciting Sci Fi thriller that simply pulls on your curiosity as to what lies ahead…

Meanwhile, because most of the week was getting the books finalized and uploaded, the only other activity was posting another chapter of The Longest Shard, and chapters nineteen and twenty of The Gemini Hustle (as a first-in-series, Gemini will stay live on the website, along with Soldier of Fortune and Outrageous Fortune).

Hoping to get a regular old post in over on Outrageous Fortune, this weekend, but for now, I simply wish you all a great weekend, and hope you'll take time to check out the two new releases, and, in celebration of the upcoming spookiness, maybe pay a visit to Mythtickle, created by the talented Justin Thompson.