It wasn't all hugs and puppies, as there was a hosting failure that shut down our website for the better part of Thursday night. The hard working folks at Siteground got it sorted, (Props to the team) but not before I, in a panic, restored a version from the beginning of the week, so that I had to re-post this week's chapters of The Longest Shard and The Gemini Hustle.

In less harrowing news, The Libra Gambit new release discount has one more week, so if you wish to purchase the book for $1.99 (US), now is the time to grab that sucker.

In creation world, I have finished chapter one of Fortune's Architects, think I've got chapter two of Hidden Dragon, and Kelley and I have two chapters of Fortune and Glory, while LG and I have begun The Scorpio Sting. Basically adding little bits to everything, which sounds crazy, but is less daunting than focusing on one big thing. Atomic Habits FTW!

In non-writing news, for anyone who's an actor, director, public speaker of any sort, Kelley McKinnon, has started a coaching business, Make Strong Choices (which writers also need to do—just saying).

I'm going to make a strong choice now of seeking some pizza. Stay strong, y'all!