How did it get to be Friday, again?

Seriously, the week flew by. Perhaps it's the time change (seriously, US, just PICK ONE [Preferably Standard, as the science supports it!]), it's been a fiddly week, creatively, but we kept up our new posts of The Longest Shard and The Gemini Hustle, as well as digging out a "not ready for prime-time" scene from The Libra Gambit.

Meanwhile, I will be traveling for much of next week, meaning not a whole lot of writing going on (it's also sort of a holiday deal in the US, so Kelley and LG will also have some distractions). I hope whoever's in the States keeps it safe and cozy, and those elsewhere manage to get their hygge on. PS: The Year of Living Danishly is a hysterical and thoughtful introduction to the concept of hygge, and the actual sources of contentment.

And while I have mixed feelings about the upcoming holiday, I do wish to give hanks to everyone who's been stopping by here and at our website. We appreciate every read, share, like, subscribe, and donation. Every act of support matters, and helps us keep the adventures going.

From LG, Kelley, and myself, have a great weekend, and don't forget to stop by Outrageous Fiction and read the latest!