Congratulations to February's winner, Maximusace, who had a question for Gideon Quinn, of the Fortune Chronicles, Gideon Quinn Adventures. 

Question: How many mugs has Elvis broken by knocking them down

Gideon: So far, not a one. 

Now watch him—haha—break that streak.

Mostly, this is because we used tin cups in the Barrens—where the Powers That Be wouldn’t risk anyone getting their hands on a sharp piece of ceramic. 

But I think it’s also due, at least a little, to the fact, one time when he was still a draconette, Elvis came too near a cup of hot tea and scalded a toe.

That said, he will chomp on any chopsticks he finds laying around. I think it’s a beak sharpening thing. 

Or he just likes the taste of bamboo. 


*February's drawing was impacted by first, being a wicked short month and second, by a significant uptick of hours required by the "day job".