If you read my Community Tab on my YouTube channel, I made a post talking about a video that was taken down. I wasn't planning on bringing it up since it wasn't one of my most viewed videos -- hell, it had less than 300 views...I think like 248? However, I saw PewDiePie's video about Totally Not Mark's channel getting slapped in the face by Toei Entertainment -- resulting in 150 of his videos getting taken down -- I thought I'd share my experience.

✨Before I get started✨ 

I still plan on making my "How I Make Money as a Reaction Channel" video, and this story will be in there, but I wanted to get this out now rather than bring it up in a video later.

The video was me reacting to and talking about Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants" live from 2000 in South Korea. What happened was I uploaded it to schedule it to go out as a "thank you" for hitting 10k subscribers (a number I still can't wrap my head around) and immediately was hit with a Claim ID for copyright. Fine. This happens on at least 90% of my videos. No problem, I submitted a dispute explaining that it falls under Fair Use as per the law and YouTube guidelines (cause it does). Literally the same day I get an email saying they feel their claim is still valid and I wouldn't be able to monetize the video. 

Ok, whatever. 

The dates October 18th were the original claim, dispute, and "still valid" answer from the company, the ones from December were random and I had no warning of "Hey your video is being claimed," and why would I when the video was already claimed and revenue was going to these guys in the first place? This doesn't make any sense in my opinion.

I have a personal policy about my videos, maybe it's some ethical thing I can't seem to get passed, but if some entity in another country outside of the United States says "our claim is still valid", I leave it alone and don't even think about appealing, I get other countries may view copyright laws differently and for that reason I just let it go if they still see their claim as valid. Since I am only one person, I don't see the point in learning every country's copyright laws -- at least for now...maybe later, but not now. I let it go and post the video knowing that all revenue would be going to this Korean Broadcasting station.

So it was a surprise to me that almost 2 months later, I receive an email saying that the video had been reviewed and that their claim was still valid. I was confused thinking maybe I appealed or that it was still the original claim...but I knew this had been taken care of a while ago.

This was followed within 20 minutes another email was sent that they've taken down my video and my channel now has a strike against it.

I still had fun recording it and editing it. It was a song that was nostalgic for me, and I even danced around like an idiot for your entertainment cause I was having fun.

I don't make these videos for money. Sure I get paid from time to time for my videos, but I mostly do these as a creative outlet. I only file disputes mostly out of principle. I figure if I put in the time and energy into making something creative, if I can get compensated for it, I should.

Anyway, with all of that being said I thought I would share the video here via my Google Drive: click here

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