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OPS Fest is a professional theater company committed to bringing unpredictable and accessible Shakespeare for free to parks around Portland Oregon.

What sets us apart? We present shows using the performing style of Shakespeare’s time with a few modifications. We don’t rehearse the play together as a group (actors are responsible for doing their work on their own), actors carry scrolls and use an onstage prompter to keep the action moving, we encourage audience interaction going both ways during the shows, and we costume in contemporary attire. The modifications include a company of over 65% women and nonbinary actors and an open style of casting which allows actors of any gender to play a role either as it is written or as their own gender. Actors of different ages, sizes, sexualities, gender presentations, ethnic backgrounds, and physical abilities: we lean into those specific attributes to help with the storytelling & connect with more audience! Click the video below!

OPSFest: Because Shakespeare should be a little....