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Society, Culture and Comedy. Psychology, The Arts and History. Health and Fitness. Welcome to The Orange Recliner Chronicles! We cover anything and everything from the truly insightful and inspiring to the completely random and ridiculous. With guests from all walks of life in wide-ranging interviews and freewheeling conversations. Hi, I’m your host David Locke, I love people and so I love talking with them. I am intrigued and endlessly fascinated by human nature, life and its happenings and the stories people have to tell. I believe that everyone has a story, or something they want to share. Behind every story or discussion lies a lesson…or damn good entertainment! Join me as we dive deep into the human psyche and dig up some of these lessons and have infinite discussions as they relate to Psychology, Philosophy, Culture, History, Current events, Urban legends, the unexplained and so much more. We leave no stone unturned, as we look to discuss… anything and everything. Thanks for your support ORC Nation, Love you! xo